Whippoorwill Lane Extension Project Update

Marbella Lakes Residents.

Last week two members of our Board of Directors, Brett Cohan and Jennifer Fazio, Kymberly Bill and two resident volunteers met with Collier County staff and Commissioner Taylor to discuss the proposed Whippoorwill Lane Extension project.

It is clear from this meeting that the County staff is proceeding with the project and plans to bring it before the County Commissioners for a vote.

One of the most important issues we discussed at the meeting was why this project was put back into action after it was removed from the agenda/vote at the time proposed Pine Ridge improvements were being discussed.  The County staff indicated that the project has always been something that they planned on completing but at the time of the Pine Ridge outreach, the Whippoorwill issue was overshadowing the feedback they were seeking on the Pine Ridge improvements. Additionally, they claim it was removed from the Sales Tax Referendum, not their project list. We believe this was not accurately articulated to our community.

The county staff continued to stress that this road connection has always been a project that was to be completed as the land was dedicated by our developer for this exact plan.  The staff is also adamant about the fact that full disclosure was made by the developer at the time residents first purchased their homes as well as the proposed road has been on the original, as well as subsequent, land development applications/modifications, all readily available for viewing.

The County staff plans on conducting neighborhood outreach, which will take place at our clubhouse, to discuss the proposed plan for the extension.  Once this date is announced, we urge everyone to please attend and have the opportunity to voice your questions and concerns in a constructive and polite way.

The staff’s initial plan was to bring this item to a Commissioners vote in December of this year.  All Marbella members present voiced their concern that this timeline would not give many residents the opportunity to learn about the proposed road extension and nor have the chance to get important questions answered and their voice heard.  We are optimistic that they will push this date back until March of 2019.

There was extensive discussion about traffic calming and safety measures that would need to be addressed if this project was approved.  Some of the items were:

  • Traffic light at Livingston Road
  • Roundabout’s to slow the traffic on the proposed road
  • Wider sidewalk to accommodate walkers and bikers
  • Dedicated turn lane in our community
  • Having the school bus enter the community to protect the children from traffic
  • Addition of greenery for noise/light buffering

It was stressed to the County staff that the overwhelming majority of our community was not in favor of this road extension and impressed upon them that if they are “polling” for support for this road that it was important to only poll the communities that would benefit and/or be affected by the project as well as identify if the cost of this project was worth any appreciable benefits.

If the project is approved by the Commissioner’s it will be approximately four years until its completion.

The next morning our Association President, Jennifer Fazio and a resident volunteer met again with County staff to walk the actual location of the road as well as to give them a visual of the items we believe to be of importance.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on any information, meetings as well as any upcoming neighborhood outreach available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Board at the email addresses located on the Marbella Lakes Website.

Thank you.

Marbella Lakes Owners Association Board of Directors

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