Whippoorwill Lane Extension Project Petition

The Board of Directors and some of the other communities being impacted, have put together a petition opposing the proposed Whippoorwill Lane Extension Project.  The Board would like to present this petition at the next County Commissioner’s Meeting. Currently, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) is tentatively scheduled to hear this item on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.  The BCC agendas are typically finalized one week prior to the meeting date, therefore I expect to receive confirmation of the agenda and item number during the first week of April.   When I receive notice of the finalized  agenda and the item number, I will distribute it.  You may also review the upcoming BCC Meeting Agendas once they are posted at:  http://colliercountyfl.iqm2.com/Citizens/default.aspx

The Board encourages EVERYONE opposing the proposed Whippoorwill Lane Extension Project to sign the petition and attend the County Commissioners meeting held on April 9th

The Petition (below) will be set up outside of the Administration Office in the Clubhouse to sign.


Dear Collier County Commissioners:

We write to you to, once again, express our long-standing opposition to the Whippoorwill Lane Extension Project. The extension would cut through two small areas of preserve land which have become nesting areas for migratory birds and other wildlife. This land (see attached photos), is a valuable area of land for the enjoyment of residents who use the area for walking and biking, for reducing fertilizer run off into waterways and for providing a necessary sound barrier from the surrounding busy roadways.

The original reason for the Whippoorwill extension was that this road was going to be extended to I-75 to build an overpass to Green Boulevard.  At the meeting on January 10, 2019 held by the County for Marbella Lakes residents and the subsequent meeting for Stratford Place, we were informed that the Green Boulevard project was “off the table”.  Our question to you, our Commissioners is, if the proposed overpass to Green Boulevard is “off the table” why has the Whippoorwill extension now been hurriedly pushed to the front burner.

The project was voted down in 2013, but re-surfaced in October 2017, and then was again put on hold due to neighborhood opposition. Now, even though a new and more costly design has now been presented, the surrounding communities remain in opposition to this costly, wasteful and damaging project. 

The community of Marbella Lakes and the communities on Whippoorwill Lane were also originally told that the project was planned because the residents of these neighboring communities wanted it. The neighborhoods informed the County that we overall did not want this project. Then we were informed by the County that the project was necessary for safety, even though it is clear the road extension will add more safety concerns.  Many school buses drop off children at Marbella Lakes and on Whippoorwill Lane, and a great number of residents use this road for biking and walking.

The real reason for the road project appears to be the profit to be made from building the road, and that the extension is necessary in order for a developer to squeeze 60 proposed townhomes underneath high voltage lines which cross Whippoorwill Lane. 

The residents of Marbella Lakes and The Stratford Place remain vehemently opposed to this project for many reasons. They include:

  • No increased safety in an emergency: The extension will provide miniscule reduction in response time to an emergency. Marbella Lakes is five minutes from the emergency station. The Stratford Place Community is 1.23 miles or four minutes from an emergency station.  How will this make us safer and how did you get to this conclusion?  What research and reports back this up?
  • Multiplied traffic flow: The extension will be certain to increase traffic thus decreasing the safety of our communities.  The site of the future extension will destroy an area heavily used by children, bicyclists, runners and walkers. More traffic will decrease safety.
  • More value in reserving the site as natural land: At the time of the original development at the end of Whippoorwill Lane, two small preserve areas were left as required by law. The small section of land where the extension is proposed currently serves to combine these two preserves into one decent sized natural area. The area, along with the Kensington Canal, has become a nesting place for rare migratory birds, otters and other wildlife. Before any vote takes place, a new Environmental Impact Study and Wild Migratory Bird Act study needs to be completed.
  • Helps prevent flooding: The area also serves as a place for storm water to drain off, and helped prevent flooding at the time of Hurricane Irma. We are all now learning the lessons of over-development, and the need to maintain buffer land wherever possible.

As stated earlier and brought out at the most recent meetings the PRIMARY REASON for the county to be supporting this road, is for the benefit of the developer to be able to build 60 townhomes on Whippoorwill. The townhome project is in and of itself a bad idea, given how the homes will need to be squeezed in under high voltage lines. Whippoorwill is already maxed out for development. The last thing we need is another squeezed in development and more traffic on problematic Whippoorwill Lane. 

We, the under-signed, your constituents, ask you to do what’s in the best interests of the people you serve. We ask you to look at the big picture, address this vacillating reasoning, and stop this ill-planned, preserve destroying, costly road.


Kymberly Bill
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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