Whippoorwill Communication Update from the HOA BOD’s


Whippoorwill Lane Extension

The Whippoorwill Extension Design-Build Project contract was just recently approved by the Board of County Commissioners unanimously on April 13, 2021 for approximately $4.7 million dollars. The following is a rough estimate of next steps:

  1. The county staff is working with the Design-Build Team to determine when to issue the Notice to Proceed (NTP). NOTE: We have no timing on when the NTP will be take place.
  2. The Design-Build Team (designer) is not on board, as yet. The design will progress over approximately 6 – 9 months after the NTP is issued.
    • There is expected to be a Public Information Meeting once the 30 Percent Design Plans stage is reached which should be this summer. The county will provide public notice for that meeting and all members of the public will be welcome to attend, have a chance to view the project displays and provide comments.
  1. The construction portion of this project would take approximately 14 months.




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