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There has been some talk of concern in the Community recently over sightings of an alligator in our lakes. I’ve decided to take a moment and submit this post to make sure all are aware that alligators do indeed get into our waterways here and everywhere else in South Florida (including the occasional swimming pool) . Florida is also home to all four varieties of Venomous Snakes found in North America as well as scorpions, spiders and various large carnivorous mammals.

While encounters or attacks are rare, they do happen and it is always best to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious when walking your pets or playing with children around wooded areas and especially bodies of water.

I would like to add a special caution for pet owners regarding the Bufo Cane Toads we have here. I am always surprised at the number of people unaware of these dangerous animals. They range in size from the size of your fingernail to several inches in diameter. These toads secrete a toxic poison that can kill a dog in a matter of minutes. If you are unaware of these animals please take a moment to Google them and be very careful to keep your pets away from them. If your pet should bite or lick one, wash their mouths immediately with a garden hose ( sideways.. do not wash the toxin down their throats ) and get to a veterinarian as soon as possible. ( You may only have minutes). I have seen many of these toads on our property and at my home. I keep a spray bottle of ammonia handy at my home and spray any I see. The ammonia will kill a smaller frog in minutes and larger ones will take longer. This may seem cruel but it is life or death for your pets.

This post was intended to alert our residents about the Danger of Alligators in the waterways, but honestly the frogs are much more of a concern for pet owners and people with small children.

Thanks to the residents who reported the Alligators on our property and as much as we loove being close to nature… please be vigil about all forms of dangerous wildlife here in South Florida.

Thomas Large
Property Manager
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