Vehicle Registration Forms Due Today

Hello Residents,
This is just a reminder that your Vehicle & Resident Registration forms are due today. You can complete them in person at the office or online HERE. Also, please note that we need not only the information for each vehicle that has a Marbella Lakes barcode but also on the bottom of the form you need to list the first set of numbers located on your White Marbella Lakes Clubhouse access cards.

Many of you have inquired as to why you are having to fill this information out again and why we can’t just use what you previously had on file. First of all, we are in the process of upgrading the front access gate to increase our security. Due to the turnover of property managers over the last few years, many files are not complete and this information is missing for many of you. That being said, please do NOT write on the form, “Please use information from last year”  or “No changes from last year” as we might not have any information on file for you. Any barcodes and clubhouse access cards NOT registered will not work once the conversion takes place and you will have to stop by the office to have them re-entered. We are confident that our community and clubhouse will be much more secure once this conversion is completed.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this very important matter. Happy Monday 🙂 Have a great week!  If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (239) 403-7718.

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