*** Update on the PUD amendment project ***

     Many of you are already aware that the Marbella Lakes Master Board of Directors has been working with an engineering firm and County Officials for several months to modify the Community’s PUD documents. These modifications are intended to allow us to remove several trees on the property which have become problematic.
Please see below an update from the Board.

    As an update, we  are nearing the end of the process to amend our Planned Unit Development (PUD) which will allow the Board to remove a number of street trees. Below is the language that the county staff has accepted. The struck-through language is being deleted and the underlined language added. We are assuming a hearing date  before the Collier County hearing Examiner in August or September latest. We will advise you of the outcome of the hearing.

Landscape buffers, berms, fences and walls are generally permitted as a principal use throughout the Livingston Village PUD. Other than as specifically provided below in paragraphs A. through K., the provisions of the LDC shall apply, as applicable, to landscape buffers, berms, fences, and walls. The following standards shall apply:
K.        Street Trees previously required pursuant to the Street Tree Master Plan may be removed. Such trees are not required to be replanted. All single family lots must meet the minimum planting requirements set forth in the LDC. Prior to the removal of any Street Trees, Marbella HOA shall submit an insubstantial change to the approved landscape plan identifying the fact that the Street Trees are to be removed and identifying any single family lots that do not meet the LDC minimum tree requirements. The revised landscape plan shall include one or more typical planting plans for such lots and evidence that the necessary plantings have been installed.    Street Trees: Street trees shall be provided on both sides of all internal roads or access ways. A Street Tree Master Plan shall be included with the application for preliminary subdivision plan (PSP) or site development plan (SDP) as may be appropriate. Installation of individual trees shall be installed prior to or concurrent with the development of the adjacent dwelling unit or structure in proximity to the roadway or access way. Shade trees in proximity to sidewalks or other paved areas shall be installed with a deep root barrier system. Street trees shall be placed at the more restive spacing of one tree per 50 100 linear feet. A minimum of 50 percent of the trees shall be canopy trees with a 10-foot height at installation. Street trees shall be located within 10 feet of the edge of pavement, and between the edge of pavement and the sidewalk when viable. Once installed, should a street tree be displaced or die, it shall be replaced within 6 months. Replacement trees shall, minimally meet the original specification requirements, including consistency with the Street Tree Master Plan. This tree requirement may count toward satisfaction of the tree requirements for individual lots or tracts as provided for by the Collier County Land Development Code. If utilized to satisfy Collier County Land Development Code requirements, trees shall be required to meet native species requirements and other applicable Code requirements. 

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