The Marbella Lakes Aeration Project is in full swing..!!  Members of the Board met with our Vendor Representative last week for an update on the progress. Currently lakes 1 and 2 are up and running and the other two installations are scheduled to be completed by January 30th. This will include aeration of all 6 Lakes.     You may already occasionally see signs of the bubbling effect in lakes 1 and 2 (Western most lakes ) near the center of the water bodies. Eventually these aerators will be running 24 / 7 but in the initial phase, the run time is reduced in order to gradually mix the lower strata of water with the upper. The lower strata water contains a reduced dissolved oxygen ratio. Mixing the water too quickly can cause overall decreased oxygen levels to the point of affecting the wildlife in extreme cases resulting in fish kills. Once the system is fully integrated, the movement of the water columns will result in the de-stratification of the lakes and an overall increased oxygen level. This is part of the overall goal of healthier ponds resulting in reduced algae blooms and slowing of the build up of the detritus layer on the bottom of the ponds.

I mentioned the Meeting between myself, Pam Jacobs, Sean Segin and the “Vendor Representative”. I’d like take time to mention that our Lake maintenance Vendor, “Lake Masters” has recently merged with a company by the name of “SOLitude”. We have been very happy with Lake Masters’ services and are happy to say that the same team will be continuing to care for the Lakes and Preserves going forward, albeit under a different name. You will most likely see “SOLitude” ( pronounced with a long “O” ) as in the Spanish word for Sun ( Sol) on the trucks and uniforms of our Lakes and Preserves team in the near future. Rest assured they are the same trusted individuals providing the services.

There has been a lot of work put into this project by Pam and Sean over the past year. The research, due diligence and coordination with vendors and County officials is no easy task. We are very pleased with the relationship between the Association the SOLitude Aeration team and look forward to the improvements in the water quality this endeavor will bring about.  Aeration is an important part of the overall Lakes Maintenance Plan and we would like to thank all the residents who gave their opinions and input during the process and appreciate the continued support for the Board’s efforts to make improvements in the Community.

Thank You,

Thomas Large
Property Manager
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