*** Update on Frequently Asked Questions ***

Good Day Everyone,

I am addressing this to all residents even though much only affects the Single Family Home Owners because some of this affects all HOA Members… and this is one Community and I would like to foster that spirit as much as possible going forward…

First let me say that I often get complaints about not writing enough to keep residents informed..  conversely,  I also get complaints that my updates are far too lengthy..  I suppose mea culpa on both accounts.. So for those in the latter camp.. Please skip to the attachment of a copy of the most recent FAQ’s from the Association. This will hopefully answer many questions you may have.

Everyone else please read on…

Among other things,  I want to say a few words about our recent Community inspection of Single Family Lots and subsequent violation notices involving the ARB / Landscape Committee. As a small Community it is vital that every resident be aware of and abide by the Standards set forth by the Association. This shared covenant among all residents is what makes Communal living possible. Beautiful Communities do not ” Just Happen”..  It takes a lot of work and cooperation and no small measure of understanding and compromise by residents within the Community for this to work. The inspections and notifications are an intended to Notify all residents of any non-compliance issues of which they may not have been aware.
Approximately 40% of the Single Family Homes were issued at lease one and in many cases several Notification. While the vast majority of these violations were relatively minor, ranging from cleaning roofs to excessive lawn ornaments, each issue must be processed separately and individual letters mailed. This is so that as each Violation is remedied, we can clear the record.
The Rules and Regulations each Owner received when Purchasing in Marbella Lakes are still available on the website under Forms and Documents for your reference. The ARB Committee is composed of fellow residents who are volunteering their personal time to for the good of the Community, to research these Documents and make clarifications for individuals on what is and is not permitted within the Community based on the existing Documents. They have also been tasked with creating updated guidelines for the Landscape Rules and Regulation to clarify where there may be some ambiguity. This is a normal part of the periodic updating of Rules and Regulations. Attached is a copy of the FAQ’s which updates some of the questions people have had related to the recent Violation letters.This is a product of the Board of Directors desire and responsibility to protect the Community’s Property values and maintain the Association standards to meet the Members’ expectations for the Community as a whole.

The HOA Board has formed this Committee as a tool to assist the Association in defining and enforcing compliance where issues exist. There seems to be a few folks recently that have taken a stance that the Association, the Boards of Directors and even the Committee volunteers in some cases, are a part of some dark conspiracy working in the shadows to undermine the rights and joy of residents.

This is not only ridiculous but honestly could not be farther from the truth. Every Member of the Boards, HOA and Condo, as well as your Committee members has volunteered and works many hours every week doing their best with no compensation to create and preserve the standards that make this Community as Beautiful and enjoyable as possible. They do this as a service to you.. the residents of Marbella Lakes. I am amazed at times at the number of folks who are not willing or able to offer their own time and effort to this cause, who stand at a distance and create discord within the Community. Please do not allow rumors and innuendo to divide your Community. This is not to say we don’t need and appreciate resident’s comments and contributions.. we all make mistakes and overlook things on occasion, so please feel free question and challenge us if there are things you do not agree with..  just please do so in a manner that is conducive to positive and constructive conversation.

You have a great Community with so many really nice people here and the Volunteers and staff are truly trying their best to make this a great place for you to live and for us to work.

Ok.. I’m stepping of the Soap Box now…

The Board Presidents ( Both Boards ).. are working together in an effort to to take heed of the many resident complaints about non-enforcement of certain Rules and Regulations in the past.

To this end we have the ARB – Landscape compliance Committee, we have the updated visual aids at the Gate house and other intersections, temporary speed bumps, we have added the portable signs to remind residents to pick up pet waste, the Associations have contracted a more responsive Towing company to address illegally parked and unauthorized vehicles within the Community…

All of these things are efforts to listen to residents’ concerns and make positive changes.. and all have been carefully considered and researched before making such changes.. and yet all of these things have generated nearly as many complaints as complements. So please bear with us as we work through all of these updates and changes. I will make an effort to keep you informed as always to lessen any confusion or concerns. Please know that all of these things are a sincere effort by all involved to improve your Community.

Thanks for taking the time to read…


Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
TLarge@grsmgt.com | www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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