*** Update On Fire Inspection and Tree Removal Schedules ***

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to provide a couple of updates before the weekend…

The Tree removal schedule for the rear of the Condos has been unavoidably delayed. We were expecting to have the trees removed earlier this week, however, we had to alter that due to a shortage of Sod to repair the areas which would be disturbed during this process. The sod is expected to be available sometime next month. The Board will be providing the new schedule once we confirm the dates.

Next week on Tuesday the 15th we are scheduled for the Annual Fire Equipment Inspection. I really appreciate everyone who has made available their Homes for inspection already. This is an important safety inspection for everyone. I have put together a schedule for the Inspectors and we will attempt to conform to the times as much as possible. Depending on participation in each building, we may be able to get to some earlier. If we leave a building early and have Units un-inspected, we will attempt to return to the building near the end of the scheduled time for that building. Those of you who had to schedule specific times, please don’t worry about the building schedule. The Inspectors will be given a list of these pre-arranged times.


Fire Inspection Personnel will require supervised access to your unit during the below listed times for the mandatory Annual Fire Code Inspections.

Tuesday, May 15th

8am – 10am

6665 Marb. Ln.,

6502, 6506, 6510, 6514, 6518 Mont. Pt.

10am – 12pm

6522, 6526, 6525, 6521, 6517, 6513 Mont. Pt.

12pm – 2pm

6509, 6505, 6553, 6549, 6545, 6541 Mont Pt.

2pm – 5pm

6537, 6533, 6532, 6536, 6540, 6544, 6548, 6552, Mont. Pt.

These are estimated times and may vary slightly. If the inspectors finish certain bldg’s. Early they will move on to the next building, but we will check back within the time frame given for any units not inspected.

We will make every effort to accommodate residents so we can inspect as many units as possible. If you miss the scheduled time, and are available later please feel free to approach myself or the Inspectors as we are walking through the Community and have us come to your unit.

Thank you again for working with us on this…

Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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