**Update on ARB / Landscape Committee Inspections**

Good Day Everyone,

There has been quite a bit going on recently within the Community. These updates are for the benefit of those residents on property as well as away, so please excuse if I mention items obvious to those here everyday.

We have formed a new Landscape / ARB Committee consisting of four resident volunteers whom I would like to thank personally for contributing to your Community.
That being said..  The new Committee has been tasked with bringing all the Single Family Homes into compliance with the existing Marbella Lakes Rules and Regulations as well as developing and updating the Documents which more clearly define the Standards for appearance and maintenance.
I’m sure every resident would like to follow the Rules and Guidelines set forth by our Documents, however, it is at times confusing to some as to what exactly the Standards are. This is the goal of the ARB Committee, to work with residents to identify and correct any existing Violations or over sights in regards to landscaping or architectural Standards. Further, to clarify restrictions and provide guidance to residents wishing to make changes and improvements within their Lots.

The new Committee has performed a recent property wide inspection in an effort to identify any current issues and Notify Owners of needed corrections. The method of notification by the Association is through Violation Letters processed through GRS our management company. I realize no one likes to get a Violation letter in the mail, however, this is simply a way to bring issues to the attention of Owners. There is no fine associated with First Notices and once the Violation has been resolved the file will be closed and no further action is required. If you receive a Letter, please make necessary corrections and send a confirmation to the Property Manager’s attention once the issue/s are resolved to avoid further escalation in the process. If the Violation is not corrected in the time allotted a second Violation Notification will be generated.

Again, please do not take offense to receiving Violation Letters, and there is no need to respond as to why a condition exists or to provide a date  for expected correction etc., just make needed corrections and notify the Association of completion.
If corrections are not made within the required time a second Letter and / or potential fines or the correction of the issue by the Association at the Owner’s expense may follow.
We understand that most Violations occur due to misunderstanding or ignorance of the Rules and Regulations, while others are perhaps due to a condition of which the Owner was simply not aware. In any event this is simply the Association’s effort to protect the rights and property values of every Home Owner equally. This is one of the primary functions and responsibilities of the Association. The cooperation of each and every resident in this effort is expected and appreciated.

Please also note that to this end the Committee has produced an updated ARB request form and parameters. This updated form is available on the Website so please utilize the new form and procedures for any future requests. Below and attached is copy of the Notice of Landscape responsibilities for residents review. Please take a moment and read the document which is intended to clarify existing documented rights and responsibilities of Home Owners.

6664 Marbella Lane
Naples, FL 34105
Owners and potential buyers are hereby informed of the obligation by Owners for
maintenance of all previously approved landscaping alterations and
improvements made to and within the Single Family Lot.
Rights and Responsibilities of the Owners and the Association regarding landscaping
and landscape maintenance are spelled out in the Marbella Lakes Owners Assn.
Documents. In part they state that Owners of each Single Family Lot shall be
responsible for the periodic replacement, when necessary, of trees, shrubs, plants,
grass and other vegetation which are located on such Owner’s Lot. An Owner shall not
plant any new shrubs, trees and / or landscaping on his or her Single Family Lot without
the prior written approval of the Association.
Also, If an Owner receives such approval and plants any new shrub, tree or
landscaping on his or her Single Family Lot, such Owner shall be responsible for the
payment of the increase in maintenance fees incurred by the Association in maintaining
such additional shrubs, trees or landscaping.
The Landscape maintenance performed by the Association includes mowing.
Fertilizing, edging, watering, pruning, and controlling disease and insects, of all lawns
and landscaping installed on the Single Family Lot as part of the initial construction on
the Lots, specifically excluding landscaping within any enclosed area not readily
accessible from the outside of the Home.
This means maintenance of any shrubs, trees and / or landscaping currently existing
on the Lot which was not part of the original standard installation by the Developer, is
and shall be the sole responsibility of the current Owner of such Lot. When purchasing a
Lot you accept any and all burden ( financial or other ) related to the proper care and
maintenance of said vegetation and improvements up to and including periodic
replacement as required by the Association.
Thomas T. Large, LCAM
Association Manager
Marbella Lakes Owners Association

Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
TLarge@grsmgt.com | www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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