*** Trash Pickup and Rules and Regulations ***

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     I have several posts that need to be made to address a variety of issues and updates within the Community. I suppose Garbage is as good as anyplace to start.
     Now that the Community is looking a bit more tidy and less like a disaster area, The Association has begun Community wide and individual Home compliance inspections to help everyone get within the guidelines for the Community Rules and Regulations.
    One of the more obvious issues is items placed on the common areas beside the roadways (curbside). I have attached a couple of documents from the Collier County website to give residents some guidance on the current procedures for trash and recycle pickup. Our Community trash pick up days are Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday you can put out Trash containers ( green tops) and Recycle containers ( yellow tops ). On Saturdays only the Trash ( green tops ) will be collected. Containers should not be put out before 5 p.m. the day before collection and must be stowed by the end of the day on the day of collection. ( When you return home on collection day is fine, we all have different schedules.).
   Containers put out prior to 5pm the day before or left out the day after scheduled collection days, are considered a violation and you will most likely receive a “reminder” taped to your container. If this becomes a habit you will be issued a Violation letter from the Association. When putting out your containers please place them at the street edge on your pavers. Placing containers on the grass is damaging to the turf and can block or damage irrigation heads.
    I spoke with Collier County today to clarify and confirm a couple of points. Outside of your two containers, the County will pick up “Bulk Trash” placed on the curb beside your containers once weekly ( Wednesday ). I am told they will pick up “most household items”,
 ***WITH THE EXCEPTION OF —- Appliances, Car Tires, Electronics, and Car Batteries.***
    These items will require a call to the County to arrange pickup. The website also mentions FURNITURE, however the woman I spoke with specified only the four items I listed. If you have any of these items, you must call (239) 252 2380 at least 48 hrs prior to the regular bulk pickup day. This means you will need to call by Monday morning or I would suggest Friday the week before in order to arrange pickup on Wednesday. These items need to be put out under the same time restrictions as your containers. Please keep bulk items in your garage until 5pm the day before collection. If possible, avoid placing these items on the grass or sidewalk as well.
NOTE:   I was told today that “regular bulk pickup” ( other than the 4 items listed) was resumed on Oct 5th for the first time since the storm. They are currently running 2 days behind, meaning items put out on Wednesday may not be picked up until Friday. The Association will take this into account until regular service schedules are returned, but this makes it even more critical we do not place items on the grass if avoidable.
   Also..  The pickup of items requiring a call in ( the 4 type listed above) is currently suspended until the storm cleanup is completed in the County. So any Appliances, Car tires, Electronics ( TV’s etc.) or Car Batteries should not be placed out for pick up until this service resumes and you have a confirmation of a pickup date. Until then YOU will need to store these items in your garage or make other arrangements for disposal.
   The dumpster is for Community functions and Clubhouse trash only and we cannot accept individual items, There is a $500 fine posting on the dumpster for unauthorized use and the Association must pay a $200 fee for unscheduled pickup by Waste Management. So please do not be tempted to place personal waste in that container.
Once again.. The Customer Service number for Collier Trash Collection is (239) 252 2380. If you need to request a new container, schedule bulk pickup ( when that service resumes), or have questions regarding trash pickup in general, this is the number you should use.
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Thomas Large
Property Manager
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