Happy Friday to ALL..!!

     Those of you here this time of year have probably noticed that since my last Posting we have installed some of the safety measures I previously mentioned.
     The white lines and reflective lane delineators at the entrance / exit have been installed. The new blue traffic cones are in place to direct through traffic around the Gate house portico. Devin is refurbishing the Gate arms with new paint and reflective tape.
    All of this is part of the Association’s effort to keep our residents safe. We still have about 75% of our residents who do not come to a complete stop at the intersections throughout the Neighborhood and issues with speeding as well. As I have mentioned before, the Association takes these hazards seriously and the reminders and updated signage are a precursor to more drastic enforcement measures. We want to give residents every chance to avoid fines and /or Police action.
     Along with the efforts to reduce traffic hazards, the Association has taken a hard stand on Rules and Regulation enforcement overall. We have issued or are in the process of issuing some 200 + Violation Letters Community wide. These are Notices of deficiencies and/ or non-compliance issues which have been recorded and will require action by the individual Home Owners to correct.
     These range from Roof cleaning notifications and Landscaping Violations involving unapproved planting and alterations to architectural issue involving maintenance or improvements not authorized by the ARB process. There will be a “Cure” time noted of either 14 Days or 30 Days in most cases. Please make corrections and notify this office via email of completion within the allotted time to avoid the issuing of further Notices followed by possible fines being levied.
    Everyone here wants to live in a nice, well maintained Community. While we understand everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes a “Beautiful Home”, the purpose of an Association is to create and enforce Standards of appearance and maintenance ( agreed upon by every individual who purchases a Home here) throughout the Community in an effort to protect the Values of each and every Home and the Community as a whole.
   To that end… we would appreciate everyone looking at the Violation Letters in that light and cooperating to do your part to create a Neighborhood you are proud to call Home.
   This is not a case of the Association against the individual Home Owner… The Individual Home Owner.. YOU.. are the Association.. and what you do or don’t do affects everyone in the Community.
   Along with the Traffic Safety efforts, the Association is taking a stand on Parking enforcement. So the Good News for those of you who are tired of myself or others knocking on your door or placing pesky “Reminder” notes on your cars when you park in the street in the Condo area or park on the Grass, sidewalk, swales or block mailboxes or your neighbor’s driveway.. Is that the Board Presidents have decided they are tired of this as well..  They have uniformly decided to start enforcing the Tow Away policy and procedures Community wide.
    If you or your guests decide to flaunt the Rules and Park in a manner or in a location not in compliance with the Marbella Lakes Rules and Regulations, Your vehicle will be towed at your expense… WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE…  
     I put this statement in Bold Type to stress the seriousness of this matter.  The sign posted at the entrance to the Community contains the contact information for the Association’s contracted Towing Company and you will need to call them directly to arrange payment of the fees and other related charges in order to recover your vehicle. Again, this is the Association exercising it’s responsibility to ALL residents to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Community.

Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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