Sewage Update – Please Read

Good Afternoon.

I wanted to provide an update on the sewage issue.

After an exhausting 75 minute wait I was able to talk to someone in the county sewage department.

The issue is that all of the power HAS NOT been turned back on in Marbella Lakes and the section that is still without powers the sewage ejector pumps. Now that many have power you are showering, doing laundry etc which has pushed the system to its absolute limit. Any additional load is going to cause not only the streets, but your homes to back up with sewage.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE conserve water by any means possible. The more we conserve, the less in the system and the less in the streets and our homes.

This is not only an issue with Marbella Lakes, but county wide, so because of that the county is very backed up in trying to manually pump out the systems and could not give me (even after pleading!) any idea of a timeline.

I will update again as soon as I have any additional information.

Thank you and PLEASE conserve!

Bob Roller

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