*** Proposal for Aeration of Retention Ponds at Marbella Lakes ***

We are pleased to inform residents that on November 14, 2017 the HOA Board will be voting on the Lake Master Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. proposal for installation of the Aqua Air Ultra aeration system in all six of our lakes.  Lake Masters has been a trusted vendor and was one of three bid/proposals the board(s) has obtained and examined over the past several years.


The efforts of past board members and the Lakes Committee provided us the valuable data and the information necessary to lead us to our recommendation for a long term solution to the problems we (and numerous other SWFL Communities) face managing the health of our ponds.  The decision to add aeration systems results from several years’ of study, numerous amounts of testing/analysis and professional treatment efforts hoping to improve the health of our ponds.   When the board members make their presentation to the board and the vote is taken, representatives from Lake Masters will be present to answer questions from residents.  Aqua Air Ultra proposal details, including site information and system specifications will be available to residents at that time.


Proven Results with Lake Bottom Aeration

  • Diffusers add circulation to mix the water column allowing oxygen at the sediment level and throughout the water column helping beneficial bacteria to consume nutrients in the water and eliminate dead zones.


  • Diffusers lift water to the surface where natural UV light reduces and kills some pathogens. Aeration constantly moves bottom water to the surface, so it can contact the atmosphere and absorb oxygen. This movement of water provides mixing, and if done adequately, will prevent the formation of a thermo cline and prevent the lakes from stratifying.


  • Aeration will help prevent the build-up of organic sediments through healthy dissolved oxygen levels at the bottom of the lakes.  In addition, these levels are also important to allow the organisms that live at the bottom to prosper. This includes bacteria and enzymes that help break down organics and attack muck. The formation of muck in the bottom of a lake is inevitable. Anything that washes in or grows in a lake eventually breaks down and contributes to the formation of muck, and a buildup of nutrients.

Our Goal for Our Retention Ponds

Aeration will help provide a healthier environment for wildlife, significantly improve the aesthetics, and slow down the aging of our lakes.  Aeration helps minimize the buildup of nutrients, key to stopping excessive submersed weed and algae growth. This benefits our community because fewer algaecides and herbicides are needed to control these problems and that helps make lake management more environmentally friendly.

  • Increase dissolved oxygen levels that stimulate the natural digestion process thus reducing nutrient levels and associated algae growth.
  • Reduction of mosquito and aquatic midge infestations.
  • Elimination of foul orders from undesirable gasses.

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