Powerwashing of Driveways & Walkways In Condos

Starting this week, the community maintenance man, Thomas, will begin power washing driveways and walkways in an effort to clean the pavers thus removing any mold, dirt, etc. that may be on them. Weather permitting, he will complete 4-6 buildings each week.

Thomas will plug the power washer into the outdoor water source of each residence to complete each individual one as needed. (Power washer runs on gas so no electric is needed). Completing this project should use very little water, however, if you would prefer he not clean your unit please let us know. Routine cleaning is the responsibility of the homeowner and should you opt out of the maintenance schedule we have set forth, the association will assume it to be your responsibility to complete within the next 30 days.

Thank you,
Julie Kowalke
President, Marbella Lakes Condominium Association

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