Power Washing Update and Schedule

Dear Homeowners,

A few weeks back we sent you a message regarding the power washing of the driveway & walkways. It was our intention to have Thomas complete this task, but after his valiant efforts on building 6665, we noticed that the condition of the walkways and driveways would require professional attention. Our little power washer wasn’t going to get the job done in a realistic time-frame!

With that said, we have contracted Anchor Enterprises to power wash all of the driveways and walkways.

Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday, September 26th
Buildings 6526, 6522, 6518, 6514, 6510, 6506, 6502

Tuesday, September 27th
6525, 6521, 6517, 6513, 6509, 6505

Wednesday, September 28th
6553,6549,6545, 6541, 6537, 6533

Thursday, September 29th
6552, 6548,6544, 6540, 6536, 6532,

**6665 (if needed, since Thomas did power wash this building, Anchor will inspect and decide based upon their professional opinion)

Please move your vehicle out of the driveway by 8am on the assigned day of power washing. Street parking will NOT be allowed during this time, all cars must be parked either in the garage or on Laguna. Parking rules will be enforced.

Please clear your walkway and driveway of all items (plants, garden hoses, decorations, etc.)

(Anchor Enterprises will be connecting to a water source at each building. If you see a significant increase on your water bill, please contact the board and we will review the statements for reimbursement for any increase caused by the power washing.)

If you have any questions, please email me at kowalkejulie@gmail.com

Thank you for your understanding!

Julie Kowalke
President, Marbella Lakes Condominium Association

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