Pool Rules Reminder

Greetings Marbella Residents,

I wanted to remind everyone of some of the pool rules.  The pool hours are from Dawn to Dusk, but in no event later than 9:00 p.m.  This is a County regulation as we do not have lights in our pool; there is no swimming after dark.

Prior to 8:00 a.m., the use of pool facilities shall be restricted to Owners only.  No use prior to 8:00 a.m. shall be allowed which is deemed disruptive to the peaceful enjoyment of those residents living in close proximity to the pool area.

All persons under the age of thirteen (13) shall be accompanied and closely supervised by an Owner or supervising adult over the age of twenty-one (21) while in the pool or Jacuzzi.

No rafts and similar flotation devices shall be permitted in the pool area.

No glass containers or other breakable objects shall be permitted in the pool area.

In accordance with the health department regulations, no food, drink, alcohol or animals are permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.

These are a summary of some of the most important pool rules.  If you do not have the Rules and Regulations for the General Use of Common Areas and Recreational Areas and you would like a copy, please contact me and I am happy to provide for you.

Kind regards,

Cheryl McFarland
General Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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