New On-Line Landscape Work Order Request Now Available

We are happy to announce that a new on-line landscape service work order request form and process is now in place. The new system was developed in cooperation with board members, property manager, landscape vendor and webmaster. You can now submit a more detailed request through the website and the request will go directly to Greenscapes (our new landscape maintenance vendor) for review and scheduling. Greenscapes will work directly with the resident to resolve the issue and will also communicate progress & completion to the property manager. Once submitted, your request will appear in your website account as a work order with the current status and an ability to communicate directly to the property manager concerning that request. Communications using the new form will be sent and received as emails and also appear on the work order in your account. Status changes (Open, Pending or Closed) will also be noted on your work order along with the communications between you and the property manager.

You will find links to the landscape service request area in the main Homeowners Menu and the Quick Links Menu.

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