Good Day to ALL,

We had an original date scheduled for Nov. 29th to begin the mulching throughout the community, however, that date has been adjusted. The current schedule is for the mulching to be completed Dec. 4th – 8th. That is starting next Monday and continuing through the week until completed. Once mulching has been completed if you have any concerns over the work that has been done, please send requests for adjustments directly to Greenscapes through the Community website on the Landscape link.

Just a reminder of the excavation currently being performed for the pond aeration project. Again, people are and will be working in and near our streets so be aware of pedestrians and work crews and drive carefully as always..!!

The speed limit in the Community is 20 mph ( YOU MAY GO SLOWER IF YOU WISH ) and you are required to actually “STOP” at all stop signs and give right of way to pedestrians. The Association will be bringing Law Enforcement Officers into the Community at random times to enforce traffic laws and issue tickets to individual violators. I have witnessed and would estimate at times that nearly 75% of residents do not stop at the posted signs entering and exiting the Community. This is very dangerous and is going to become a very expensive habit. After you pass through the gates you are required to come to a complete stop at the intersections.

I want all residents to be forewarned about towing for parking violations and ticketing for traffic violations so there should be no complaints or excuses when they occur.

If you don’t break the rules ..  You can’t get caught.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend…

Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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