*** Minutes of HOA Master Board of Directors Meeting 6/12/17 ***




Present:  Jenn Fazio, Brett Cohan, Pam Jacobs, Sean Segin and Thomas Large (Property Manager)

Jim Smith via Skype

  1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm by Jennifer Fazio.  Jenn introduced Mindy Roberts our Lifestyle Director who joined the board this evening along with the property manager.

  1. Establish Quorum

Quorum was established with all board members present.

  1. Proof of Notice

Proof of notice was given 48 hours in advance.

  1. Approval of Minutes


MOTION:  Brett make a motion to approve the minutes of the February 28, 2017 meeting.  Sean seconded the motion and all voted in favor.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Brett reviewed the homeowner’s balance sheet stating the numbers were as of April 30, 2017.  He stated that we are in good shape with $618,163.70 in operating cash, $450,221.15 in cash reserves, $53,867.66 in receivables and $466,237.17 in current liabilities.


  1. Manager’s Report


Thomas gave his report beginning with updates on property maintenance.

Tennis Courts – Devin has taken over the repair and maintenance of the tennis court.  To date he has replaced the gazebo cover at a cost of $3,113.00 and wind screens at costing $376.42.  New shoe brushes were also installed.

Outdoor Basketball Court – Replaced outdoor basketball hoops.

Clubhouse – New vinyl lettering was put on all doors by Fast Signs. New mats were ordered and placed at the entranceway of the clubhouse.

Pool Area – Coconuts were removed from the 14 palm trees surrounding the area of both pools.

Exterior of Property – Replaced the screening on the dumpster area gatesCompleted painting of the concrete wall.


Scheduled:  *Anchor Enterprises to do pressure cleaning/rust removal on 6/17.

*Sidewalk survey previously scheduled by Florida Sidewalk Solutions will be                     completed on 6/13/17.   Expect to have the estimate by the end of the week.  *Lightning damage to perimeter wall to be completed by Coastal Co

  1. Update on Oak Tree Project –

Jenn gave a summary of our work with the county with the goal of amending the PUD to allow for the removal of the oak trees in the front of the homes.  Brett commented how frustrating the process had become.  Over a year ago we settled with GL Homes.  At that time we hired a consulting firm (Hole Montes) to help us amend the PUD and allow for removal of the oak street trees.  The amended PUD was resubmitted to the County yesterday.  It may be September or October before we hear anything.  Audience questioned whether this amended PUD covered the oak trees behind the Condos and was informed by Jenn that we are only dealing with the street trees at this time.


  1. Variance – ARB 6652 Marbella Lane –


Jenn began by giving some of the background: Property owners had previously requested a variance to build/install a pool in the rear of their property.  The ARB had refused to approve due to oak trees on property.  Homeowner requested further examination by the board for consideration of their request.   Brett continued saying he visited the property and noted in an email to board members that he felt it would be impossible to install a pool without removing the trees.  Following this, all board members visited the site and agreed the variance should be approved for the reasons stated above.  Brett made a motion to approve the variance for removal of the trees.  The sidewalk was not approved as requested in the Variance.  Jenn seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

  1.  Clubhouse/Pool Age Restriction Proposed Change/Discussion

Jenn opened the discussion with the background of the most recent problems occurring at the Clubhouse. We have been experiencing a large amount of non-resident, under age trespassers.  These kids are either riding in on bikes, parking outside of the gates or coming in on foot to use the basketball room, clubhouse etc.  Some are accessing the door by way of key cards that have been passed around; others wait to be let in by unsuspecting residents. Brett would like to see the ages reduced for minors using the indoor basketball court.  He pointed out several differing definitions and discrepancies in the bylaws regarding the minimum age for use of the indoor courts while unaccompanied by a resident adult. He requested we check with our attorney on a potential age discrepancy for the indoor court.  Jenn asked Mindy to speak to her efforts to manage to recent groups of young adults entering to play basketball.  She created a sign on the door of the court informing them to come to the office prior to playing on the court.  She was attempting to enforce the rules (as she had been told) was children and young adults under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult resident. She stated that many that came to the office were not even residents of Marbella Lakes.

A lengthy discussion that included the board and many residents, both for and against an age change, occurred.  Jenn felt a community survey on the website was necessary to determine the true pulse of the community.  A survey will be developed for the website with one vote per household.

  1.   Adjournment  

            Jenn adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm

Thomas Large
Property Manager
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