Marbella Lakes Condominium Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 10-12-16


Julie Kowalke, Eileen Shambrom, Mildred Tufano

1.  Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by Julie Kowalke.

2.  Establish Quorum 

Quorum was established with two board members present in-person and one via Skype.

3.  Proof of Notice 

Proof of notice was given 48 hours in advance.

4.  Treasurer’s Report

Mildred Tufano reported as of September 30th, 2016 we have total operating cash of $220,019, total reserves of $541,537.94.  There is $690.06 in accounts receivable and $108,722.48 in current liabilities.  Mildred also reported on budget line item variances. Mildred also noted that so far in 2016 we have had the dryer vents cleaned, windows washed and the driveway and walkways power washed, none of which were budgeted for 2016. As a result, the $100 credit will not be carried forward in 2017. These additional expenditures have been budgeted into next years budget. 

The painting contract executed by the previous board exceeded the reserve amount of the years 2015/2016, therefore the reserves are underfunded 27.5%. There are 8 buildings scheduled to be painted in 2017 and the work has been put out to bid. 

Lastly, Mildred reported that we have been informed by Greenscapes that the 2017/2018 contract will reflect an 11% increase.

5.  Gutter Cleaning

Julie reported that the board bid out having the gutters cleaned. The board has been made aware of several buildings that are having issues with water flowing over the gutter rather than through them to the appropriate exit points. The board met with ML resident, Joe Barbato, whose past expertise is in the roofing/gutter industry, to discuss various ideas/solutions to the problem. The board is in agreement that the gutters need to be cleaned as one step to solving the issue.

6.  Open Board Position

Neil Langford is no longer a homeowner in Marbella Lakes, therefore he is no longer a member of the board. If anyone is interested in temporarily filling the position for the remainder of the term, please contact a board member.

7. Dryer Vents

Round 2 of dryer vent cleaning is scheduled to begin October 24th. The schedule will be sent out via email and posted in the clubhouse. Please call the vendor directly to make any changes.

8. Landscape Renovations

Starting in December, landscape renovations will take place in both the front and rears of the buildings. The ferns will be removed from both the front and rear of every building and replaced with Dazzle. Specific plants that have died and/or are failing in other specific areas will be removed and replaced. Some areas will have dead plants removed and nothing will be replanted in an effort to let the other shrubs/plants the ability to grow out and fill the area. GL often planted too much in one area causing the areas to look overgrown and messy. Our hope is to create a clean, more open landscaped areas with additional color.

9. ARB Position

The ARB Board currently has two members, both of which are part-time. The ARB board is seeking additional people to volunteer for the ARB board to complete it with the hopes that some individuals would reside here full-time. Please contact us for additional information or to express your interest.

10. Parking Reminders

As we approach season please be mindful of the parking rules in the condominium areas of Marbella Lakes. The rules clearly state that no street parking is allowed at any time and/or for any amount of time. Violators will be asked to move the vehicle, if the vehicle is not moved after being asked to do so, the towing company will be called without further notice to the owner of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to make sure your guests are parked in the appropriate places (either your driveway or on Laguna). Also please do not park on the grass or half in a driveway and half on the sidewalk. 

11. Adjournment

Julie adjourned the meeting at 6:55 pm.

Cheryl McFarland
General Manager
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