Marbella Irma Update

Good Morning.

Please! The sewage pumps are still without power and we to continue conserve water! In the end we will all pay the price if we don’t.

If you are cleaning out your own yard of fallen trees or debris please place the debris at the end of your yard and Greenscapes will pick it up at some point. PLEASE do not throw the debris over the wall, into the preserve or in common area. There have already been reports by Greenscapes of that happening and all that is going to do is cause us to have to pay for additional clean up. If you threw your debris behind the wall or into the preserve area please remove it asap.

The gate access attendants are back to full staff and the barriers are operational.

The clubhouse and amenities remain closed as we do not have power to the pool and much of the clubhouse. Please, do not attempt to climb over the gates to gain access. It has not been completely cleared and is not safe at this time.

Part of the community is still without power so, please, be kind to those that don’t and offer them some assistance.

Thank you to everyone who has offered assistance and shown kindness to each other during this difficult time.

Jennifer Fazio

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