Marbella Irma Update 9-16-17

Good Morning.

Sadly some homes in Marbella Lakes as well as our clubhouse, amenities and pool, are still without power. Please remember to keep checking your FPL outage ticket as they keep marking us as restored when in fact we most certainly are not.

Obviously, our amenities will remained closed until power is restored and they are safe for resident enjoyment.

We are still under a water conservation advisory. This means everyone. If we fail to conserve the County is threatening to turn off our water supply. Remember they are able to see which communities comply and which do not. Please, be respectful and not allow this to happen. Those without power are already suffering, this would make that exponentially worse.

Greenscapes continues to be on property but will be giving the crew a much deserved break tomorrow! They will be back first thing Monday AM.

Thank you for everyone who has pitched in and shown kindness to one another and our amazing staff and Landscape crew. The smallest acts of kindness in such a difficult time truly mean so much.

Let’s all put out as much positive energy as possible for a better week ahead.

Thank you.

Jennifer L. Fazio

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