Marbella Condos Update

Hello Everyone,

We know that each of you is interested in what condominium buildings are without power. The addresses of those buildings are 6506, 6510, 6522 and 6526. They are all on the north side of the condominiums, in front of the wall.

For those of you not in residence, you are probably reading about the sewage problem that the homes on Marbella Lane are experiencing. This is due to the sewage pumps not having power. Jennifer Fazio has been updating the Marbella Lakes website often, so please refer to the website for updates.

There is a shortage of gas, limited businesses and restaurants open. Therefore, if you live in one of the buildings without power, it is recommended that if you can afford to remain where you are that you do so. We will continue to update you on any power changes.

For those in residence thank you for everything you are doing for the community. I know many of you have been actively helping your neighbors. And, please remember to conserve water until the sewage pumps are back up and running.

Anthony Venezia
President, Marbella Lakes Condominium Association

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