*** Manager’s Update ***

Just a quick update on a few things,
Those of you who were able to attend the Meetings last evening at the Clubhouse are already aware that the Aeration Proposal for the retention ponds was approved and will be moving forward. We are very hopeful this will be helpful in furthering the efforts to increase water quality and clarity in the Ponds as well as reduce the seasonal Algae blooms.
If you get a chance, please take a minute to say thank you to your Board members, Pam and Sean for the Great effort and personal time they devoted to the improvement of your Community. We will be looking for Candidates for both Boards this year, so perhaps you will get a chance to see just how much work goes into running your Association. It is an unpaid and all too often thankless service, but we have been fortunate to have great people step up and take on the task for the good of the Community.


On a somewhat different note.. The mulching has been scheduled for Nov. 29th this year, I know many of you have been asking and patiently waiting for this, but we had to get the trees trimmed before Greenscapes could schedule the mulching.


The sidewalk leveling has been recently completed. This was an effort to eliminate any trip hazards in the Community Sidewalks. There were approx. 163 areas which required leveling to comply with the ADA standards. So if you notice “lighter colored” areas on the sidewalk joints, this is why. Hopefully we got them all and the sidewalks are safer for all.


Thomas Large
Property Manager
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| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
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