Lake Masters Questions & Answers

Lake Masters Questions and Answers

Nov. 19th, 2015

Question:  When will the dead cordgrass be removed from the lake behind the condos.
Answer:  This is not part of the contract and would be priced out for approval from the Board.

Question:  As the lake between the condos receives the run off from 75 and all other lakes, does this lake need different maintenance treatment?  i.e. removal of all grasses, littorals from around the lake or chemical remediation.
Answer:  Yes those lakes cause a delay in using herbicides because of the water flow.

Question:  It appears that the extra littorals planted around our lakes by the association are proliferating and encroaching on the very existence of our lakes.  Since these extra littorals were not required by the County, can anything be done to stop the encroachment and possible reverse it?
Answer:  The littorals are not reversible but there are options.  The littorals will only grow so far and then stop.  Littorals can not grow in deep water.  The littorals can be cut back and removed from the surface and then maintained from there.

Question:  The lakes look worse now than they ever did.  That said, do you see the quality and appearance of our lakes coming close to that of the appearance of the lake on the corner of Pine Ridge and Livingston, the lake in front of Naples Airport on Airport Road?  Any idea what the maintenance companies are using in those 3 lakes?
Answer:  Lake Masters does not know who the company is that takes care of those lakes.  It’s possible those lakes have no slopes and is deeper therefore they will look better.

Question:  What are your plans for the County mandated Littorals in our lakes that have died, and are falling over, and what now appears to be new growth coming up?  Should the dead ones be removed?  What would be the cost?  Any idea why there are no Littorals in the lake on Airport road?

Answer:  The dead  littorals will dissipate and will look better over time.  The littorals on Airport Road may not have been required.

Question:  While talking about these plants, we have been here for 6 years, the lake in front of our house has become  a swamp and these littorals have spread from side to side covering all the water that we spent thousands of dollars to have a view of.  As I walk the community daily, I have observed all of the lakes growing narrower and narrower.

Answer:  The littorals can not grow in deep water, they will go as far as they can and then stop.  The HOA can have some of the littorals removed.

Question:  What type of aeration system do you recommend for our lakes?

Answer:  The Board has received information on aerator systems and the cost.  Aerator’s prevent fish kills and help with nutrients for the lake and the overall health.

Question:  Can individual homeowners pull the grass and dispose of it and can homeowners install protective covering or some type of terracing on the shore line on their own property?

Answer: No, the County will fine the association.

Question:  Has Lake Masters reviewed the Island Walk Association video and agree on the recommended actions taken.

Answer:  No.

Tricia Gwinn
Community Association Manager
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