Hello to ALL..

Most of you are probably aware already that Marbella Lakes is back to full power at this time. Thank Goodness..!!   and thanks to our Board member and one of our residents that went a little outside the protocol with FPL and achieved great results.


Although the power has been restored, we continue to work on getting the pools up and running. I was with our electricians just 10 minutes ago and it seems there are a couple of electrical components which were damaged in the storm and will need to be replaced. I will update everyone once again once the pump systems are back up.


The county water is reported to be 100% cleared for drinking and cooking. While the usage alerts and boil advisories have been lifted for Collier, Officials would still like to remind everyone that, as always, we should all strive for water conservation in South Florida. The sewage systems for Collier are also reported to be 100% operational so we may resume showers and laundry usage as usual. The City of Naples is on a separate system and not completely recovered yet so if you go downtown you may find some restaurants and businesses not quite ready to open yet, so you may want to call before you go out to dinner.


The Clubhouse remains closed at this time as is the fitness center due to the door access systems being down. We have a work order in for repair of the systems and hopefully those will be back online soon. I apologize to those who utilize the fitness room for exercise and as soon as we can gain access I will be notifying everyone that the facilities are open.


Those of you who are here at Marbella Lakes have no doubt seen the large trucks removing debris throughout the community. Many streets are nearly back to normal except for the stump removals which may take some time. Greenscapes has crews working to cut up the downed trees and stack debris as the removal crews are following along to clear the curbs. There are other crews doing the cleanup behind the debris removal teams so the process will most likely continue through next week. They have already removed nearly 1,000 cubic yards of debris so far. For reference, a large dump truck contains about 40 yards of capacity. So these guys are working hard to get us back to normal.


The latest estimate to return to normal maintenance schedule (mowing) is as soon as next week. Of course they will start with the areas that have been cleared of debris first and all small projectiles will have to be hand removed before the mowing can safely begin so be patient please.


We have been a bit lax on enforcing parking regulations and trash cans for obvious reasons. Please bear in mind as we get things back to normal, it will be very helpful if everyone would make an effort to follow the rules and regulations on parking and trash can usage. The County should be back on the regular schedule as of yesterday so make sure you are getting your cans back in the proper locations in a timely manner to help reduce the congestion on the streets and sidewalks for everyone’s safety.


On the point of safety, I have seen several unsafe drivers swerving around trash piles and parked cars recently. This is very dangerous especially with limited visibility and many blocked sidewalks ( from debris) forcing pedestrians into the streets. Please use extreme caution and be aware and tolerant of pedestrians in the streets.


Also, as we are getting things back to normal.. It is past time for Hurricane shutters to be removed from homes. Hurricane Marie is heading into the Atlantic so there is no need to delay removing your shutters. When you remove the shutters also remember that nothing including the shutters is to be stored outside of your home. During the pre-hurricane inspections, it was noted that some residents have begun to store extra pavers, building materials and shutters beside or behind their homes. Any such items need to be stored inside your home or garage or properly disposed of. These items when stored outside are unsightly, create landscape maintenance and pest issues and can become hazardous projectiles in high winds. The Associations will be performing post cleanup inspections and violation letters will have to be issued for items left outside the home.


On a brighter note..  This Friday’s cocktail party has been dubbed the “Post Hurricane Party” and should be a good chance for everyone to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy some time with your neighbors. I am beginning to hear a few stories about the trials and tribulations of the folks who rode out the storm and the immediate aftermath. Along with that are the increasing number of great encouraging stories of people in our neighborhood going out of their way to help friends, neighbors and the community as a whole during this very difficult time. I do not want to mention names because I’m sure there are so many I do not know about that deserve recognition. Perhaps during the Party some of you would like to take the opportunity to show your appreciation and share your stories of good neighbors during difficult times.


Thanks to all of you who pitched in to help out and I hope to see you Friday at the party..!!

Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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