HOA Board Mtg Minutes 12-17-15 (Draft Only)


Jennifer Fazio, Michael Francis,
Brett Cohan, Mildred Tufano, Richard Dallessandro
Patricia Gwinn, Property Manager



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:35
  2. Quorum was established with five members present
  3. Proof of Notice of meeting was given
  4. Approval of Minutes

Brett Cohan made motion to approve the minutes of November 19, 2015, Mike Francis seconded, all in favor motion passed.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Brett reported we have cash in the amount of $388,390.36, Refundable Deposits $25,000, Reserves $283,032.19, Accounts Receivable $6,864.02, Total expenses of $192,879.25 consisting of Accrued expenses $15,409, Security deposits $25000, Unearned Revenue $142,618, Prepaid Owners Assessments $9,852. Current Year Net Income $91,264.52. So we are in good shape.

  1. Manager’s Report

Tricia reported the painting contractor seal coated two sections of the sidewalk by the clubhouse.  Mail box repair is the owner’s responsibility. Beautiful Mailboxes is the original vendor and they can replace/install new post and boxes. Phone # is 305-403-4820.

Landscape issues are still coming in. The report has not been received in a timely fashion.  Tricia recommends the Board putting Landcare on a 30 to 60 day probation.

The Chandelier at front entrance to the clubhouse is corroded and had to be removed since it would not work anymore.  Jenn suggested to keep it uniform and replace it with a similar chandelier.

Tricia is receiving complaints about Laguna circle being used to store vehicles for long periods of time, putting car covers etc. Tricia asked the board if we want to change the rules for this area. The board discussed if the registration is current we have to leave it alone for the time being.  Jenn mentioned that we would revisit if we continue to receive complaints.

Staff Holiday Bonus

Brett Cohan made motion to approve the bonuses Richard Dallessandro seconded, Jenn & Mildred were in favor, Mike obstained, motion passed.

  1. ARB Update/Policy Changes

Gary Wruck was not in attendance. The board wanted clarification on some items so the board decided to table until next month.

  1. Pool Service Contract

Tricia mentioned we are currently paying $1,850.00, got three new bids for the pool service contract. The bids were as follows:

Nassau Pools 3x per week $1,990.00 per month

Freedom Pools 3x per week $1,750.00 per month

Jackson Pool Service 3x per week $2,010.00 per month

Tricia also mentioned when she solicited bids for the acid wash, all the vendors mentioned there was too many chemicals in the pools, also the chemicals were being stored where the heaters are causing corrosion, and also issue with language barrier, and skimmers were broken for a very long time.  Tricia recommended Nassau Pool. Mike had one request that Nassau Pools test the alkalinity 2x a month, since all the others offer 2x a month.

Both Nassau and Freedom offer the same service. Jackson offers less services.

Jenn made motion to switch pool companies to Nassau Pool. Mike seconded, all in favor motion passed.

  1. Adjournment

Jenn Fazio adjourned the meeting at 7:15






Tricia Gwinn
Community Association Manager
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