HOA Board Meeting Minutes (Draft Only) 11-19-2015


Jennifer Fazio, Michael Francis,
Brett Cohan, Mildred Tufano, Richard Dallessandro
Patricia Gwinn, Property Manager


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:45
  2. Quorum was established with five members present
  3. Proof of Notice of meeting was given
  4. Approval of Minutes

Brett Cohan made motion to approve the minutes of October 15, 2015, Jenn Fazio seconded, all in favor motion passed.

At this time Jennifer introduced Perry as our new maintenance man.
Before giving the treasurer’s report Brett spoke about the budget

Legal went up $4K, Office supplies decreased $6K, Landscape Common Area decreased $6K, Landscaping Extra Common Area decreased $12K, Tree Trimming increase $22K to include trimming Oak Trees next year, Power washing decrease of $7K, Lake Maintenance Preserves decrease of $19K, Cable TV increase of $15K Comcast annual 3% increase. Contingency decrease of $33K, Reserves decrease of $18K, Maintenance Personnel $28K. Budget will go down a few dollars for condo’s and HOA.

Brett made motion to approve the budget, Jenn Fazio seconded, all in favor motion passed.

 Treasurer’s Report

Brett reported the cash on hand is $495,912.15, Refundable deposits are $25000, Reserves are $272,879.17, Accounts Receivable $22,069.78 is really down to $4-5K thanks to Tricia’s hard work in collecting our fees. Current Liabilities are $327,624.41 which are reflected in the cash and the refundable deposits. Current Year Income $80,929.84.

  1. Manager’s Report

Tricia reported that the new flooring for the fitness center has been delivered. The room closed Monday at noon through late Friday. The power wash cleaning for the single family is about done. Next Monday or Tuesday they will power wash the sidewalks in the condo area. The painting contractor will sealcoat a small section of the concrete sidewalk by the clubhouse as a test to see if we like. He will get us a cost to do all the sidewalks. Also, there was a suggestion we get an estimate for the Lightning Protection System.  The cost is $6,150. This item will be researched further.

Richard Dallessandro inquired about LA Rust.  Too many homeowners are complaining about the rust on their houses, and the walkways.

  1. Staff Holiday Bonus

Brett asked the question how many board members would be in favor of the bonuses. Mike Francis commented that Tricia, Carrie and the security guards do a great job, however, he believes that bonuses should not come out of the assessments. Bonuses are a personal thing.

  1. Single Family Home Colors

A single family home owner put in a request to paint her home with a color that is not on the approved GL homes Color wheel colors. The ARB board declined to approve it because it is not part of the original colors. Gary Wruck stated the Rules and Regulations state you cannot paint your house the same color as adjacent or across the street from you. Gary instructed the homeowner to see the board about changing the rules not the color; that is an ARB decision.  Gary suggested to the board to change the rules to increase the number of colors which will be done.  Jenn Fazio made motion to approve the color, Richard Dallessandro seconded, all in favor motion passed.

  1. Oak Tree/GL Homes Turnover Update

Jenn Fazio, Mike Francis, our attorney, GL attorney a video photographer, a GL representative and a Sunflower representative. Besides the Oak trees, we looked at other issues; the basketball court, the entrance to the guard house. The product used in the front entrance is not holding up, it’s not just the paint we looked at the drainage. We have replaced 2 pool heaters, and need a third heater, the acid washing of the pool. We are now in the process of negotiating with GL homes. One of the other issues is the Oak trees which has been widely contested prior to meeting with GL Jenn had 1/2hr. meeting with our attorney and this is what he said: do not touch the trees until we are through the process with GL homes, at that point we are hoping to get some sort of settlement, we also have a photo documentary of every tree.

GL investigated the trees we dug for root barriers and found there are no root barriers, just as we did not find root barriers. Before it becomes a full fledge lawsuit, we would require a membership vote if we wish to pursue. At this time the legal fees are not egregious.   Tuesday we started the negotiations, so we’ll see what GL comes back with, within the next week or two.

  1. Landscape Issues/Current Contract/Additional Mowing

Jenn spoke about homeowners landscaping issues. We brought Landcare in to answer questions about different situations and ways to improve the service. A homeowner complained how terrible the lawn looked.  Jenn explained we are doing 42 cuts a year unfortunately the weather has been too warm. Landcare mentioned at this time they are cutting by-weekly, perhaps we should increase cutting the lawns. He mentioned there were issues with the irrigation systems which are now under control. At this time in the thinner areas they are putting down herbicide, fertilizer need a little time for the turf to grow.  Another homeowner asked how a 4” sprinkler head cover an 8” lawn growth.  Jenn asked if they could adjust the cutting schedule. They also spoke about the decoders which are now in working order.  Jim Smith suggested putting Landcare on probation for 3months or get another landscaping company. Another homeowner complained that Sunflower did not do a good job.

  1. Annual Meeting Notice/Proxy Voting

Brett mentioned the 1st annual meeting notice to serve on the board has gone out and you should be receiving it soon. A discussion ensued regarding proxies.  Some board members want to eliminate them. Mike Francis pointed out they are legal as per the Florida 720 Statutes. Maria Bonelli asked about electronic voting. Brett responded by saying it’s not feasible at this time because we would need to hire an outside firm.

A homeowner asked if on the night of meet the candidates they could all answer the same question as they are presented.  Jenn answered we are going to have a format similar to Lake Masters, e-mail your questions in to Tricia, and will be answered at the meeting.

  1. Pool/Clubhouse/Common Area Rules and Etiquette

Jenn brought up the fact that we are getting into the season to respect the common area rules. Mike mentioned that some condominium owners stopped him on Sunday morning inquiring what went on at the Club House on Saturday night.  He looked at the social event calendar and there wasn’t anything posted. On Monday morning he went to the club house to look at the tapes. It was a full blown party. The kids were having a great time, they were swimming in the pool when it was dark. This is a liability for us should any of them get hurt. The rules are clearly posted. The kids were in our newly renovated social room sitting on the furniture with wet bathing suits and towels. They attached a pin`ata in the basketball court smashing it causing net damage as a result of it.  Mike is asking for the homeowners to abide by the rules for renting the clubhouse, we also have rules regarding what we can and cannot do at the Clubhouse.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:15PM





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