Condo Hurricane Update

Hello everyone,

Now that power has been restored to the rest of the community, we can turn our attention to cleaning up after the hurricane. The Condo Board members are aware of missing shutters, hanging and/or missing gutters and down spouts, carriage lamps not working, and mailboxes missing. To assist in recording damages, the Board would appreciate each of you submitting a Condo maintenance request for damages to your unit. If your neighbors are gone and you can report on the exterior of their units, please do so. Please report such things as the number of missing shutters, electrical problems, downspouts, etc.

In addition, for those of you not in residence, please have the inside of your units checked as soon as possible for any damage such as water leaks. We do not expect any roof damage, but until all units are either occupied or checked, we will not know for sure. We have opened an insurance claim and want to make sure we can report on all the hurricane damage.
Your Condo Board appreciates everyone’s help in this effort.

Thanks to so many of you who helped their fellow residents in need, offered support to the Board, worked hard to get the power restored and, in general, just stepped up at this extraordinary time. This is a wonderful demonstration of the kindness and compassion of the residents of Marbella Lakes.

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