Condo Board Update 6/22/2020

Marbella Lakes COA




We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone well and hope you are all safe. Our last COA meeting was on Jan. 30 where we announced the schedule for our next three meetings. Those were cancelled due to Covid 19 and we are now in the summer months when Marbella Lakes empties out. We have penciled in Tues. Oct 20 for a regular meeting, Tues. Nov 17 for a budget meeting and Tues. Dec.15 for the annual meeting. These will be subject to the covid situation at the time of the scheduled meeting. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that we have been extremely busy working on a number of projects which are described below.



As a community , we have been using Advanced Roofing, Advanced Cleaning Solutions and Anchor Enterprise for roof, gutter and driveway cleaning. We thought it would be prudent to use a single vendor and have a single point of contact rather than 3 vendors. We received proposals from 3 vendors and decided to move forward with Crown Roofing for all services. This has provided us with a savings of $26,370.




This is an anti-mold treatment, not to be confused with a power washing. The roofs will be treated every other year for mold prevention. This treatment was performed in May, 2020 for all buildings. The next application will be done in the spring of 2022. In the past, the cost for this has been charged to the Reserve Fund. Peter believes that this expense should be charged to the Operating Fund.



This will be a power wash of gutters to ground, driveways and sidewalks of all buildings done every other year. This service is scheduled for May , 2021.



We will maintain an annual roof inspection for any leaks or broken or missing tiles.



Dryer vent cleaning will be included in the 2021 budget.



There has been an ongoing drainage problem behind the condos on the preserve for years. The drainage problem has destroyed the sod behind all buildings from 6502-6526. There have been requests for sod replacements which cannot be done until the drainage problem is solved. We will be addressing this issue this year. Three drain pipes per building will be attached to the existing downspouts which will connect to the catch basins. The entire area will be re sodded. We received bids from Greenscapes, Leo Jr Lawn , Gardens by Herb and Solimini. The bids ranged  from $12,675 for sod only to $19,244 for drains and sod. We selected Leo Jr Lawn and Irrigation Services at a cost of $14,658.30 for both sod and drains. We are waiting for a date from Leo for the start of the project.



We were notified by Wayne Fire that we were required to perform a 5 year inspection per NFPA. The inspection includes   5 year check valve inspections and 5 year back flow rebuilds and gauge replacements. We received bids from Wayne Fire, Iowa Fire and Total Fire for repairs and inspection ranging from $14,695 to $22,966. We selected Total Fire at a cost of $14,695. This inspection was just completed.



We will be installing a trellis at 6505/104 to cover the unsightly electric panel.



Eileen Shanbrom, Sharon Barber, Angelo DePeri and Kathie Byrnes conducted an attorney search in early March. This was due to the dissatisfaction with the attorney on record from multiple people over several years. After interviewing 4 law firms, they unanimously agreed upon Goede/Adamczyk/DeBoest/Cross for both the HOA and the COA and presented their findings to both boards. Richard DeBoest is now the attorney for both associations. The fee is $400/ph for Richard and $195 /ph for his paralegal with no retainer fees. The firm has already provided free webinars for us, their clients, as well as updates on Covid and its effect on association procedures. DeBoest has settled our matter with a delinquent account and we will be receiving the money once the firm releases the funds.



The May treasurer’s report together with the Balance Sheet and Income/Expense statement is posted on the website. Our 2019 audit has been completed and this is also posted on the website. Peter is continuing his review of certain expenses charged to the common elements section of the HOA budget. The purpose is to identify any SF home expenses which are paid in part inappropriately by Condo owners.

Please contact any of the board members if you have any questions or comments.

Thank You,

Kathie Byrnes- President                             Bob Eisenhart- Vice President

Peter Whiteley- Treasurer                           Angelo DePeri- Secretary

Joe Scura- Director



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