Condo Board February Update



Hello everyone,

We hope this monthly update finds you healthy, happy and hopefully vaccinated or at least scheduled for it. The good news is, not much has happened since your last update. We all agree that the power washing was a mess and we are working with Crown to correct the problems. In spite of that, most people seemed to be pleased with the completed job.


Peter and I have been learning the AppFolio application that pertains to paying the bills. Everything is moving along smoothly in that area and it is an easier site to read and manipulate than what GRS offered us.


In our last update we informed you that we were in need of an underground wireless system to address problems with the fire boxes. We have had both Total Fire and Wayne Fire out to fix some ground fault issues. Both companies agree that for the time being, we don’t need to do anything. The panels are sending normal test signals so the ground fault repairs seem to have taken care of the problem. Of course, this could change at any time.  Carmine has generously agreed to help us make any decisions related to the fire panels and electrical output and we are grateful as he has extensive electrical knowledge. We will keep you updated should anything change.


The annual indoor fire sprinkler inspection was done on 2/16 and 2/17. The outside inspection was completed by 2/19 and we passed the inspection. We do, however, need to replace the gages on 25 buildings. We are waiting for quotes from Wayne, Total and Iowa fire and will schedule the work once those quotes are in. Thank you to everyone who allowed the inspector into their homes. It went quickly as there were two inspectors this year.  A very special thank you to Mike Mize, Stephen Sleightholm, Frank Vassalotti and Carmine Lapore who accompanied the inspectors on their walk through as well as Brian Wilson (yes, we have Brian Wilson amongst us), Ben Tantillo, Kathy and Paul Muhs, Linda Scura, Lauren and Robert Carminucci, and Patrick McGovern for their generous offer to volunteer. Although we did not need that many volunteers, your offers were very much appreciated.


As you are most likely aware, the roads are in desperate need of repair, especially the North Monterey Pt road. We have asked Marilyn and Carmine to address this with the HOA as our reps. We imagine this will be a topic of much discussion and will take some time to be addressed but the discussion should get started. At some point in the future, it should be on the HOA agenda for discussion.


The December Treasurer’s Report is attached. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me, Kathie Byrnes @ or any of your board members.


Until next month,

Your condo board,

Kathie Byrnes-President

Bob Eisenhart – Vice President

Peter Whiteley- Treasurer –

Ben Tantillo-

Steve Diamond-




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