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   Please see below schedule for the Condo Attic Inspections by the IAS  insurance adjuster teams. This pertains to the second floor Units only to provide access to the attic area on each bldg. and is a follow up from last week’s posting.
   Due to firewalls in the attic space, each Unit has a separate attic area. The Association would request that every effort is made by each resident to make allowances to provide access to the Adjusters. This inspection is for Post Hurricane damage / water intrusion. They will also be looking for any signs of other moisture issues including mold or fungi which may represent existing or future hazards to structures or health.
   Please understand that there are 104 upstairs units involved, so while this schedule is our best attempt to estimate times in order to reduce inconvenience to Owners, there may be a need to adjust the schedule based on actual time needed to complete each bldg.
   The schedule below lists two Bldg’s per hour block, i.e. 11:00 AM covers bldg’s 6502 and 6506.  We will make every effort to maintain these time frames, however, please be flexible to allow us to cover as many units as possible. I do understand that many of you are out of town or work during these hours. Many of you have already responded via email to grant permission to use your keys kept by the Association to access your units. We will have an Association representative present if we need to access your Home in your absence. We will not be entering your Home without permission ( even if you have a key on file ) to avoid conflicts with pets and/ or alarms. So be sure to notify me if you would like to allow access in your absence.
Thank you all for your cooperation and patience in this process.

I.A.S. Insurance adjusters
BLDG # THURSDAY FRIDAY Column1 Column2 Column3
6665 10:00 AM
6502 11:00 AM
6510 12 NOON
6518 1:00 PM
6526 2:00 PM
6521 3:00 PM
6513 4:00 PM
6509 9:00 AM
6553 10AM
6545 11AM
6537 12:00 AM
6532 1:00 PM
6540 2:00 PM
6548 3:00 PM


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