Community Updates & Reminders – 9/27/19


Bobcat Sightings

I received multiple reports within the last week of bobcat sightings in the community.  Please be aware, specifically in the early mornings and evenings and when walking your pets.  See attached article from FWC “Living with Bobcats”


Pressure Washing Driveways & Sidewalks

Single-Family Home Schedule

Monday & Tuesday,  9/30 & 10/1 – Monterey Point.

Wednesday & Thursday, 10/2 & 10/3 – East Side of Marbella Lane beginning at the cul-de-sac and working their way out.

Friday, 10/4 – Completing the remainder of the common areas


If your house was missed due to vehicles in the driveway, please contact and Anchor Enterprises will schedule to come back while they are still working in the community.


Landscaping Updates

The pruning team is currently pruning on Monterey Point (condos) and will be moving to the East section of Marbella Lane the week of 9/30/19.

Fertilization of all turf and ornamental plants in the community was completed 9/23 – 9/24/19.

Fall annuals will be installed on October 8th.

Mulch Application

The mulch application for the community has been moved up and will begin on Monday, 9/30/19.


Tennis Court Resurfacing Project

We are scheduled to resurface the tennis courts in mid-October.  Our delivery from Welch is scheduled for October 10, 2019.  The tennis courts will be closed for approximately 1 week while they complete the project.  Once we get closer to the date, I will provide more details with a scheduled start time and completion date.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Architectural Review Committee Meeting

Date:          10/1/19

Time:         10:30 am

Place:         Association Clubhouse Game Room


Update on Lakes

We have received some concerns regarding the condition of some of the lakes.  Pamela Jacobs and I toured the community with Solitude Lake Management this week to address our concerns.  Our lakes have an excess amount of nitrogen in them (nutrient overload) which can cause an over-stimulation of growth of aquatic plants and algae.  This is very common this time of the year.  The lakes are being closely monitored and all the lakes were treated again yesterday.   We should start seeing improvements within the next week.   


Fishing in Lakes

Rules & Regulations Reminders…

Use and Enjoyment of Lakes.

  1. Owners, and their family members, guests, invitees and tenants, shall be permitted to engage in “catch and lease” fishing in the lakes. Notwithstanding the preceding, an Owner shall only access the lake from the lake maintenance easement or lake maintenance access easement which immediately abuts such owners lot if access a different lake or another area of the same lake, then access to the lake shall be exclusively from the lake maintenance access easement abutting a landscaped area or grassed area and such access shall be abutting the landscaped area or greased area.  If no portion of a lake maintenance easement or lake maintenance access easement abuts common areas, owners other than the lake lot owners who lots abut the lake shall not be permitted access to the lake.
  2. No owner shall not be permitted access to or to fish from any lake maintenance easement or lake bank area which immediately abuts a lake lot owned by another owner.
  3. Lake lot owners and their family members, guests, invitees and tenants shall be permitted to operate non-motorized and electric watercraft in the lakes. No other persons shall be entitled to operate watercraft in the lakes.
  4. The launching into and removal from a lake of any permitted non-motorized or electrically powered watercraft by a lake lot owner shall be limited to such lake lot owners lake lot and the lake lot owner shall only access the lakes from the lake maintenance easement or lake maintenance access easement which immediately abuts such lake lot owners lake lot. Watercraft shall be limited in size to 18’.
  5. No removal or damage shall be caused to any littoral or wetland plantings.
  6. No planting, fencing or other improvements or additions to the grassed area surrounding the lake and outside the lot is permitted.
  7. No installation of sand or other materials intended to simulate a beach is permitted along the lake banks or the lake maintenance easements or rear yards of lake lots.
  8. Swimming and the operation of fuel powered water craft in the lakes are prohibited.
  9. Water craft and trailers shall not be stored on lake banks or in the easement areas.  No watercraft (including watercraft permitted to be used within the lakes of the community) may be stored on a lake bank, in a lake maintenance easement or lakes maintenance access easement, within the rear yard of a lot or otherwise visible in any manner on a lot.
  10. In no event shall any owner cause any erosion or change in grade of any lank bank slope from design grade.
  11. Littoral plantings are installed in accordance with the permitting requirements of Collier County Environmental Resources Management Dept and may not be altered, relocate or removed by any owner.


Have a great weekend!



Kymberly Bill
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
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