Community Updates & Reminders


Townhall Meeting with Comcast

Save the Date: Wednesday, March 20th – 6 pm @ the Clubhouse

As you know, Marbella Lakes cancelled the bulk agreement with Comcast effective June 1, 2019.  The BOD’s met with Comcast Account Executives this week and the Board has agreed to have Comcast Executives, along with their Marketing Team come out to Marbella to give a presentation on alternative options for our community.  They will also have their marketing team on site where residents will be able to discuss their individual bill or ask specific questions (after the meeting). 


Architectural Review Committee Meeting

Monday, 3/18/19 @ 9:30 am – Clubhouse


Roof Cleaning

Periodic inspections are conducted to assist you in identifying conditions that need attention.  There are many roofs in the community that are in need of roof cleaning.  Please take the time to inspect your roof.  If you see mold/mildew, it’s time to schedule your cleaning.  Your neighbors and the entire community appreciate your due diligence.

Thank you for your cooperation. 


“No Whippoorwill Extension” Petition

We are pleased to inform you of a web site enhancement that will allow you and any registered voter in your household to electronically sign the “No Whippoorwill Extension” petition.

The process requires you to be a registered user on the Marbella Lakes web site and only one electronic signature is allowed per registered user. Other registered voters and others affected by the extension will need their own website registration and login, or, they can come to the Clubhouse where the petition is available to sign.


  1. Logon to the Website
  2. Click on the “Petition” button. This will take you to the “No Whippoorwill Extension” petition where you will be able to sign electronically.
  3. After signing, hit the “Submit” button.

For those without log in capability, you will still need to come to the club house to sign or let us know, and we’ll be happy to bring the petition to your door for signing.

We are asking you to please, please read and sign the “No Whippoorwill Extension” petition

Signatures are necessary but your presence at the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Meeting on April 9th is critical.  Time will be determined approximately one week in advance of the meeting.  Updates will be posted when we receive notice.  Thank you for your support.


Update on Hydraulic Leak on our Streets 

I wanted to give you an update on the hydraulic leak that spilled throughout the community from Waste Management.

After Waste Management was out last week to clean the streets, they have been back in the community this week flushing the streets with water which helps speed up the cleaning process since we have not been getting any rain (until today).  We are beginning to see improvements with the stains fading and will continue to stay on top of Waste Management throughout the cleanup process.  


Condo Owners:

Save the Date

Marbella Lakes Condo Assoc. Board of Directors Meeting

April 9, 2019

5:30 pm

Agenda to follow….


Grills & Fire Code Requirements

Below are the use and storage requirements for grills in apartments or condominiums

Play if safe!  Please no gas grills on your lanai’s or balconies

Cooking on Balconies

The Florida Fire Prevention Code prohibits any cooking on a balcony of an apartment or condominium.  This code now prohibits cooking with an electric grill or electric range.

Storage of LP Gas or Gas Grills

The Florida Fire Prevention Code prohibits the storage or use of LP gas in quantities greater than 1 pound above the first floor in any apartment or condominium.  Therefore, LP gas grills cannot be stored on a balcony.  It is important to note that LP gas cylinders cannot be stored inside the residential unit or anywhere above the first floor.

The specific code sections are as follows:

NFPA 1:10.11.7 – For other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, gas-fired grill, charcoal grill, electric grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose, shall be used or kindled on any balcony or under an overhanging portion or within 10ft (3m) of any structure.

NFPA 1:  – Storage Within Residential Buildings.  Storage of cylinders within a residential building, including the basement or any storage area in a common basement storage area in  multiple-family buildings with attached garages, shall be limited to cylinders each with a maximum water capacity of 2.7 lb (1.2 kg) and shall not exceed 5.4 lb (2.4kg) aggregate water capacity for smaller cylinders per each living space unit.


Dryer Vent Cleaning is scheduled for the week of April 1st.  A schedule will be sent out when we get closer to the date.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Completed –Inspection of fire sprinklers inside the units have been completed.

Window Washing and Paver repairs are scheduled and will advise of the schedule within the next week.


Landscaping Updates at the Condo’s

Vinca’s were recently planted around the new front trees.  They could use some extra water if you are willing and have the time to water the flowers around your tree by your condo building.  Thank you.    


Condo Parking

There is no street parking allowed at any time except for marked service vehicles performing services on a unit.

Parking is only allowed on driveways, inside garages or on Laguna Circle.

Parking on the street or across the sidewalk, blocking the driveway, the fire hydrant or the mailbox can result in a vehicle being towed.

Owners are responsible for notifying their guests where to park.  Overflow parking is on Laguna Circle.  All vehicles parked on Laguna Circle must have a visitor’s pass on the dashboard or a Marbella Lakes barcode.



No Glass is allowed at the pool area – we have been getting reports glass has been found on the pool deck.  Per the rules and regulations “Glass containers or breakable objects of any kind are not permitted in the pool area.”

Thank you for your cooperation!


There is NO SMOKING of any kind allowed in any areas of the clubhouse and amenities, which includes the pool area.   


Pet Etiquette Reminders:

Please pick up after your pet.  Any solid animal waste shall be immediately picked up and removed and shall not be deposited on or within the Common Areas.  No exceptions.

All dogs and cats shall be walked on a leash and in full control by their owners at all times.  Any pet shall be carried or kept on a leash when outside of a home or outside of a fenced-in area.


Speed Limit

This is your weekly REMINDER, the posted SPEED LIMIT for our community is 20 MPH. Please respect our community and drive carefully.  Also, please remind guests and visitors to be mindful of the posted speed limits.

Thank you for keeping our community safe.

Have a great weekend!

Kymberly Bill
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105 |
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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