Community Updates & Reminders – 5/31/19



Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season begins June 1st.  Now is the time to be prepared for a storm.  Please follow link below from Collier County with valuable information.


Per Marbella Lakes Rules and Regulations, see Hurricane Shutter Guidelines:

Hurricane Season:  Each owner who plans to be absent from his home during the hurricane season shall prepare his home and lot prior to departure by removing all furniture, potted plants and other movable objects.  If any, from the covered patio or screen enclosure area and from the outside of the home.  The owner shall also designate a responsible person or individual satisfactory to the Association to care for the home and lot should it suffer hurricane damage.

Hurricane Shutters:  No hurricane shutters shall cover window or door openings except during period of a hurricane watch or a hurricane warning that impacts the community.  Any removable tracks which have been installed by declarant or approved by the ARB as part of a hurricane shutter package shall not remain installed on a home other than during periods of a hurricane watch or a hurricane warning.  An owner shall remove any removable type of hurricane shutters attached to his home immediately after a hurricane watch or a hurricane warning has been lifted.  In that regard, if an owner installs removable hurricane shutters on his home during a hurricane watch or a hurricane warning and thereafter leaves his home, that owner must either (a) immediately return to his home after the hurricane watch or hurricane warning has been lifted and remove: or (b) make arrangements for another individual to remove such hurricane shutters from his home immediately after the hurricane watch or warning has been lifted.  The installation of hurricane shutters, other than those provided by Declarant shall require ARB approval.

Vehicle Burglaries (posted on NextDoor site)

The Aviano Community sustained two cars stolen and multiple vehicle burglaries overnight (05-27-19) to 05-28-19) as many of you are already aware. It looks like the perpetrators were active around 10 pm -7am. Please be vigilant for suspicious activity. If you see something, please report it to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 239-252-9300. Call 911 if it is a possible crime in progress. Ensure that you lock your car doors, do not leave anything valuable inside your vehicle, close your garage doors, and lock your doors and windows before retiring for the evening. Criminals that do not have opportunities they are looking for will go somewhere else. Subscribe to the 9 o’clock routine by making sure everything is locked and secure. All of the victim vehicles are left parked outside, unlocked, with items of value inside. “Car hopping” is a common activity all across the U.S. where people walk along flipping door handles just searching for that unlocked vehicle. They take what they can quickly and move on please take that extra second and hit the door lock/alarm and also be sure items of value are removed or out of sight. If you know of information that would assist the Sheriff’s Office in solving past-occurred crimes or identifying criminals, please call CrimeStoppers at 800-780-TIPS or the Collier County Sheriff’s Office TIPS line at 239-775-TIPS / .


Marbella Lakes Incident

We have also received a report yesterday that a resident witnessed on their security camera, individuals walking in the community checking for unlocked cars.  A police report has been made. 

The Sheriff’s Office has been contacted and will be doing extra patrols throughout our community and security staff have been alerted to be extra diligent in watching for any suspicious activity.  Please make sure your cars are locked when parked in the driveways. 


Architectural Review Committee Meeting

The Architectural Review Committee will be meeting on 6/4/19 @ 1:30 pm in the Clubhouse Game Room.


  1. Old Business
  2. New Business
  3. Adjournment


Landscaping Updates:

The pruning team is currently pruning Monterey Pt. condo’s section.   

The Jatrophas and Hibiscus are being reduced 30-40% for seasonal cutbacks.

Mowing services will be weekly going forward until December 1st


Greenscapes is recommending with the excessive heat and lack of rain, there are stresses on established plant material. They recommend against planting until we get into a rainy pattern.  New plant material requires extra watering until it is established and with the heat, it requires daily watering and sometimes twice a day, depending on the plant or turf.  Your irrigation system is maxed out on run times and will not be able to cover daily watering.  Any new plantings being installed will most likely require hand watering from the homeowner until we get into a normal rainy pattern.


On Friday’s, please do not put out any trimmings to be picked by Greenscapes, as they generally do not service our community on Friday’s.  If left out by the road, nothing will be picked up until Monday.


Tree Trimming

The tree trimmers have completed the trimming of the hardwoods and palms throughout the community. 


Condo Information:

Marbella Lakes Condo Association Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

5:30 pm

The Agenda for this meeting is incorporated into this notice and listed below:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Establish Quorum
  3. Proof of Notice
  4. Decorum
  5. Approval of Minutes
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Speed bumps
  8. Capri Front Windows
  9. Grievance and Fine Committee
  10. Reopening modification documents regarding rentals
  11. Adjournment

We encourage your attendance to all Condo meetings to stay informed with news and updates for your community.


Condo Parking

If you wish to park in a driveway of a seasonal resident, you must have permission.  If vehicles are parked without permission, the vehicle will be towed.  Owners to call us to tow unauthorized vehicles.


Flowers around the Oaks (condos)

Due to the hot weather, we are holding off on replacing dead flowers around the trees until rainy season begins. 



Hedges by tennis courts and pool

Please do not cut through/jump over the hedges by the tennis courts and pool.  We have put up temporary fencing to allow the hedges that have been damaged to grow.  Please use the sidewalks to access the clubhouse amenities.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Speed Limit

This is your weekly REMINDER, the posted SPEED LIMIT for our community is 20 MPH. Please respect our community and drive carefully.  Also, please remind guests and visitors to be mindful of the posted speed limits.  This applies to bicycle riders too, who must obey all traffic laws.

Have a great weekend.   

Kymberly Bill
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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