Community Updates & Reminder – 11/8/19



Landscaping Updates

The pruning team is currently on Del Mar Terrace and will begin pruning on Marbella Drive next week.

Maintenance and Landscaping Requests

All requests for maintenance or landscaping should be submitted through the Marbella Lakes website at to ensure your request is handled promptly. 


Condo Updates

Power Washing – Condo’s – Power washing of gutters, eaves, soffits & lower roof tiles has begun. 

Please remove any potted plants in the front of buildings and anything you may not want to get wet on your lanai as their will be some over spray.  They began at buildings 6552 & 6553 on Wednesday and are working their way around the loop.  They will be doing 4 building per day, (2 buildings each side)

Tentative schedule

Friday, 11/8 – buildings 6537, 6536, 6533, 6532

Monday 11/11 – building 6526, 6525, 6522, 6521

Tuesday, 11/12 – buildings 6518, 6517, 6514, 6513

Wednesday, 11/13 – buildings 6510, 6509, 6506, 6505

Thursday, 11/14 – buildings 6502, 6665

Thank you for your cooperation.


Speed Bumps have been installed on the condo streets on Monterey Point.


Save the Date –Condo Association Budget Meeting for 2020

November 21, 2019 @ 5:30 pm. 

2020 proposed budget & notice has been mailed to all homeowners and posted in the clubhouse.


Save the Date – MAC Condo Association Annual Meeting/Election

December 18, 2019 @ 5:30 pm

Notice has been mailed to all homeowners and posted in the clubhouse.  The 2nd notice along with candidate info & ballots will be mailed out to all residents.


MAR Owners Association Budget Meeting for 2020


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with the bylaws of the Association, which the HOA Board of Directors of the Association will consider the adoption of the 2020 Proposed Operating Budget and Reserve Schedule, at the following date, time and place:

DATE:              November 12, 2019

TIME:               5:30 PM

PLACE:            Association Clubhouse

Please note that the Budget Meeting is a meeting of the HOA Board of Directors.  At the HOA Board of Directors Meeting, assessments will be considered and the Association’s 2020 Proposed Budget will be adopted.  Although you are not required to attend or vote on the budget, the meeting is open to all members who wish to attend.

The Proposed Budget is attached to this notice.  As proposed maintenance fees for Single Family quarterly fees are $908.00 and Condominium Owners are $550.00.  Should the proposed budget be accepted without changes, the enclosed copy shall serve as your copy of the 2020 approved budget.  If changes are made to the proposed budget, you will receive the revised approved budget in the mail.


  1. Call to order
  2. Establish a quorum
  3. Proof of Notice
  4. Reading and disposal of any unapproved minutes
  5. Discussion and approval of 2020 proposed operating budget and reserve schedule
  6. Adjournment


Save the Date – MAR Owners Association Annual Meeting & Election for 2020

January 23, 2020 @ 5:30 pm

The Annual Meeting Notice and Intent to Run has been mailed to all homeowners.  The Annual Meeting will be held for the purpose of electing five directors to the BOD’s to serve one (1) year term.  Three directors shall be elected by the owners of the “Homes” and two directors shall be elected by the owners of the “Condominiums”.


Intent to Run for the MAR Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving on the Marbella Lakes Owners Association Board of Directors for 2020, please submit your intent to run no later than December 16, 2019.  Information Sheets are due no later than December 23, 2019.  You can mail, email or deliver to:

Marbella Lakes Owners Association

6664 Marbella Lane

Naples, FL 34105



Community Open House:

Date: 11/10/2019
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Community Wide


Indoor Sport Court

The indoor sports court will be closed Friday, 11/8 and will reopen on Saturday, 11/9 at 2 pm.

The sports courts will also be closed on Tuesday, afternoon, 11/12 and will reopen on Wednesday morning.


Community Reminders:

The clubhouse pool area is getting a lot of use with the wonderful weather we have been having.  Just a few reminders about the rules for the Clubhouse Pool:

  • No glass or breakable objects of any kind is not permitted on the pool deck. No exceptions.
  • Please return all lounge chairs to their original location if moved and please lower and secure umbrellas when leaving the pool area.
  • No diving, flips, back jumps, running cannonball jumps or other dangerous actions from the side of the pool.
  • All minors shall be accompanied and/or closely supervised by an adult resident.
  • Wheelchairs, stroller and child waist and arm flotation devices are permitted in the pool area. No rafts or large flotation devises shall be permitted in the pool area.
  • Pool areas are open from dawn to dusk.


Speed Limit

As a REMINDER the posted SPEED LIMIT for our community is 20 MPH. Please respect our community and drive carefully.  Please STOP at all stop signs and please SLOW down. 


Happy Veteran’s Day (a few days early).  Thank You to all Members of our Military, past and present, for the sacrifices you have made for our Freedom.  Have a great weekend. 

Kymberly Bill
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
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