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Good Day to ALL…

We have a few issues about which I would like to provide an update and information.


1)   The Gate house procedures for “Calling in” guests.
—It is “You” the resident which is responsible for notifying the Gate house that you have guests arriving for which you would like to approve entry. The reason we do not have the Gate Attendant call each Resident every time an unannounced visitor or vendor arrives, is because this can and does cause lengthy backups at the Guest lane. Often times the Attendant will have multiple numbers they must call in order to reach a resident and sometimes they end up leaving voice mails for the residents to contact the Gate house anyway.


Due to several complaints about visitors who were not properly called in being turned away at the gate when the visitor was unable to reach the resident, The following allowance has been made to the policy.


If a person, guest or service, presents at the gate and has not been granted access by the resident in question the attendants shall make one attempt to contact the resident. If they are unable to reach the resident then they shall let the guest know that they, the visitor, need to contact the resident to gain access.


Again, it would be easier for all concerned if residents would follow the procedures and call in your guests prior to arrival.


The issue with the emailing option for registering guests with the Gate house involves replacing the computer which the attendants utilize to access this information. We will be replacing the computer soon and I will notify you when the system is available for use once again.


2)  Safe Driving in the Community.
—  I have once again today received a resident complaint of unsafe driving and excessive speeding in the Community. This is your Community and the same streets you drive on, your friends, family and neighbors walk on every day and night. This is a relatively small community so the time you will save driving 40 mph instead of the posted 20 mph from one end of the street to the Gate can’t be more than a few seconds. Is it really worth endangering the safety of your neighbors to save 5 seconds ?


I am reviewing options with the Board to reduce this problem. The Association owns the streets in this community so we will need to authorize and “Hire” Law Enforcement Officers to patrol the streets and enforce speed limits if the Board decides to choose this option. You would receive legal traffic violations or other penalties just as you would on any other street in the County. The majority of complaints I get are regarding younger drivers in the Community so please take time, if you have teen aged drivers in your Home, to explain the seriousness of this issue. We do not want to wait until someone is run down in our streets before this is taken seriously.


3)  Pressure Washing
—  I spoke with Anchor Pressure Washing today and due to the condition of several drive and walkways already cleaned, the schedule had fallen about a day behind. So rather than moving every segment on the schedule back a day, the decision was made to skip a section and get back on track. This will inconvenience the fewest residents possible.


The residents on the West end of Marbella Dr. between Laguna Cir. and the Clubhouse were supposed to have been cleaned Nov 2nd.  but they have been moved to Tuesday Nov. 14th. My apologies to those residents affected by this change in schedule, but it was unavoidable. They are making every effort to maintain the rest of the schedule as is.


If your pavers have already been cleaned and you have any complaints please notify me via email before Nov 14th so I can have the team correct any deficiencies. The sidewalks and some Common areas will be done last so do not be concerned until the job is complete. The Air conditioner pads in the Condominiums were approved for cleaning by the Condo Board. The edges of these pads have to be bleached and low pressure cleaned in order to avoid damage caused by the high pressure wands contacting the surrounding ground and mulched areas. So these ac pads will be inspected and serviced at the end of the process next week.


4) Bar codes for Vehicles
—-  We have a lot of new residents and renters as well as a lot of returning seasonal folks with new cars and rentals for the season. This creates a lot of demand for new bar codes to be issued. I set aside time twice a week to issue bar codes and update the computer system. Before I can issue bar codes I have to verify residency on Leases or Deeds and end dates of leases to enter expiration dates for gate access. Once verified, the bar code is issued and then the Owner/ Tenant vehicle, contact, and address information has to be entered into the system and then updated and reviewed for accuracy.
So please understand this is not a “Drive thu” operation. It may take a few days to get a new bar code issued and be ready to install on your vehicle. Once the sticker is ready, it will be placed at the Gate house and you can stop by anytime and give your name and have it placed on your vehicle.
ALL bar codes MUST be placed on your vehicle by staff members. Handheld bar codes are no longer valid and will be deactivated if they have not already. This is to maintain accountability of which vehicles are gaining access to the Community. I can only issue bar codes to residents.. not your friends who are visiting for a month or your pool guy who comes every other day. These individuals will have to be called in by you and receive a two week pass. If you rent a car each time you visit you will need to purchase a new sticker each time or use the guest lane with a pass.


5) Parking
—  I have recently had to call a tow truck for the first time since I’ve been here. I make every attempt to avoid this happening, but it is within the rights of the Association to have your vehicle or that of your guests towed at your expense, if illegally  parked( according to the Rules and Regulation ). This includes but is not limited to, blocking sidewalks, driveways, fire equipment or mailboxes. It also includes parking on the grass ( Yes, even just a little bit), parking in the Condo area or overnight ( after 11pm) anywhere except your driveway, garage or Laguna Circle. All vehicles parked on Association property must display either a resident bar code or a valid Marbella Lakes parking pass. Parking passes must be displayed on the dash and clearly visible. If we cannot identify your vehicle it will be towed.


6) Tennis Courts.
—  It has been brought to my attention that we have Non- resident Professionals providing tennis instruction on the Community Courts. If you are a resident and scheduling tennis lessons, please be advised that you may not schedule lessons during prime hours of 5pm to 9pm. If you witness non-resident instructors providing lessons to other non-residents please notify the office as this is strictly forbidden.
When scheduling court times please be courteous and respectful of other residents’ rights and do not schedule court times more than 24 hrs in advance. This gives residents an opportunity to share the courts equitably.




There is much more, but I will be sending another update soon.

Thomas Large
Property Manager
Marbella Lakes H.O.A  “Proudly Managed by GRS Management Associates
6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
| www.marbellalakeshoa.com
D: 239-430-5690 |  F: 239-262-0113

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