Community Update

Good Morning.

While Marbella Lakes weathered the wrath of Irma rather well, there is a considerable amount of work to be done. A few things to be aware of:

1. Greenscapes will be on the property daily, including Saturday and Sunday, to continue their storm clean up efforts. They will first focus on debris, then fallen trees, common area and then individual lot issues. The primary goal is to ensure safety! If you are a single family homeowner please remember you are responsible for the cost of any repair, removal and replacement of trees, shrubs etc. If you prefer to contract to another landscape vendor you have that option but please remember it must be completed as soon as possible if it is a threat to a neighbor or common area.

2. The vehicle access attendants are beginning to return for their shifts. The barriers should be reinstalled by the end of the week. Please be patient.

3. Unfortunately there are still residents without power. In addition, there is not power to the sewage pumping station. The county has been notified and are expected to pump the system out manually. Please, do not do an excessive amount of laundry, showers etc as it could causes sewage back up in your home or the home of a neighbor. In addition, be kind to to those who are still without power. It’s deeply frustrating to see everyone else with power.

4. Please remember our staff, while dedicated, are not a substitution for a home watch person. The gate access attendants, Thomas,Devin or Mindy can not check individual homes for damages. Please call a home watch or perhaps call upon the kindness of a neighbor.

5. A special thank you to the neighbors who have stepped up to not only help the community but their neighbors as well. Your kindness is appreciated.

6. You will be notified when the amenities are reopened.

Thank you.

Jennifer Fazio
Marbella Lakes Owners Association

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