April 14, 2016 Marbella Lakes HOA Meeting Minutes


Jennifer Fazio, Kevin Kowalke, Michael Avalone, Brett Cohan, Michael Francis (via phone)

  1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by Jennifer Fazio.

  1. Establish Quorum

Quorum was established with all five board members present.

  1. Proof of Notice

Proof of notice was given 48 hours in advance.

  1. Treasurer’s Report 

Brett reported we are in good shape as of March 31st, 2016 with total operating cash of $418,092.68, $7,396.42 in accounts receivable and $186,486.05 in current liabilities.

  1. Security Camera Upgrade

Jenn made a motion to approve $4,007.64 for a night vision security camera upgrade, Mike Avalone seconded, all in favor motion passed.

  1. Update on Transition to Greenscapes

Jenn reported Greenscapes is set to start May 1st with a new landscape request system.  Greenscapes has already analyzed the property and created a mowing and trimming zone map and is working on an irrigation map to show when irrigation is scheduled and for how long.  Greenscapes will also be providing a monthly newsletter which will be on our website.

  1. Update on GL Homes Turnover

Jenn reported that the turnover from GL Homes is now complete with a settlement of just under $104,000.  GL Home’s original turnover offer was $1500.

  1. Upcoming Projects: Basketball Court, Entry, Oak Trees

Jenn stated that since the turnover is now complete projects that were on hold can now be started.  These include the resurfacing of the outside basketball court, fixing the broken items in our entry and the removal of problem oak trees.

  1. Garage Sale

The community wide garage sale was discussed.  The issue was tabled until a Marbella Lake’s community poll can be added to the website and a notification of the poll sent out.

  1. Clubhouse/Pool/Amenities Rules and Regulations

Jenn reported issues with people not respecting the amenities.  Trash is being left all around by the pool and inside the clubhouse.  Jenn recommended that if people see this happening to let the property manager know.

  1. Community Parking Rules

Jenn reiterated that there should be no parking on the street overnight and cars are to be parked on the appropriate side of the road which is the odd side on odd days and even side on even days. We will also be checking with the county to make sure we are abiding by all county laws.

  1. Adjournment

Jenn Fazio adjourned meeting at 6:49 pm.

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