*** Answers to a Few Frequently Asked Questions ***

Hello to ALL,
    As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have several updates for the Community. I will address as many as I can as thoroughly as possible with the information I have at this time. I apologize to those of you whom have had questions this week which I have not responded to as of yet. I was hoping to get this update out earlier to avoid answering the same questions repeatedly, but I have been waiting for responses from our vendors regarding start dates in order to provide accurate information.
  That being said…
Tree Trimming —
        The annual tree trimming was scheduled for Sept., however was obviously postponed. I spoke with Johnson’s Tree Service moments ago and they are estimating two weeks before they can begin the trimming of Association trees. They will be trimming all the palms and most of the Association oaks ( except the street oaks in front of Single family homes and Condo buildings ). The Association is still waiting for the County approval to remove these trees through our requested PUD amendment. Once the County approval is granted, the Association will make the final determination on which trees will be removed.
       The Collier County Commissioner’s hearing scheduled for Oct. 16th has been continued to Nov 16th. Any residents planning to attend the hearing should please make note of the change of date.
Landscape cleanup —
        The vast majority of cleanup is complete. The tree stump removal for the Common areas is complete and removal for individual owners that have made requests is continuing. If you had a severely damaged or leaning tree on your property which was removed by Greenscapes at the request of the Association, you will receive an invoice for the work done. Homeowners are responsible for the payment of these invoices per our Association Documents. If you have a dispute as to whether the work was actually done or feel there is a mistake involving the invoice, please contact Greenscapes directly to address this.
     The areas where the stumps have been removed from Association property will be repaired and sodded as part of the next phase of recovery. Removal of stumps from individual lots and associated repairs to your landscaping need to be requested through the Community website. If you choose to utilize a different company for removal you will be responsible for any expenses incurred.
    Storm related damage is not covered under Greenscape’s “Lawn Maintenance” contract with the Association. Individual Home owners are responsible for the repairs and or replacement of required landscape components on their lots including but not limited to, required number and type of trees, screening hedges to obscure a/c units and /or pool equipment, trash cans etc., hedges or shrubbery installed by the developer which are required as part of the Community Development Documents.
    The Association will be conducting post cleanup inspections to ensure landscape compliance and individual Home owners will be notified of any deficiencies which require attention. ARB’s will be required to be submitted for any changes to the existing landscape. ARB forms are available on this website under the “Homeowners” tab drop down to “Forms and Documents”.
Power Washing —
    The pressure cleaning of the Condo driveway and walkways is scheduled to commence on Oct. 23rd. I do not have a bldg. by bldg. schedule as of yet. The sidewalk and Single family home drive cleaning will follow directly upon completion of the Condo’s scheduled for Oct. 30th. I will post any further updates on scheduling I receive from Anchor Pressure Washing.
     During this time it will obviously be expected that your vehicles and any other obstacles be removed from your drive and walkways to facilitate the process. They will not be able to clean your drive with a vehicle present. It will be necessary, as always, for the vendor to have access to water spigots. In order to save time, they will be connecting to about every third home in the single family areas and water usage is estimated to be approx. 60 -80 gallons per hookup. Since water usage is typically calculated in multiples of thousands of gallons increments for billing purposes, this should not affect individuals’ billing amounts. The sidewalks are expected to be cleaned at the same time as the drives in the single family home areas. The Condominium areas may vary, but rest assured all sidewalks will be pressure cleaned during the process.
Pool Updates —
     All of the Community pool areas are open for resident use at this time. The Spa circulation pump had to be replaced due to wear not believed to be related to the storm damage. All of the systems have been serviced and the regular maintenance schedule is in place.
     As a reminder and to inform new residents… The pool areas are open 8am til dusk daily ( no later than 9pm regardless) and as with all of the Recreation areas, Residents are allowed a maximum of 4 guests per Household at any given time and guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
     The complete pool rules are included in the Rules and Regulations and By-Laws documentation, however, as a reminder..
  * No food, drinks, alcohol, glass containers or animals are allowed in the pool or on the pool deck except for eating at the provided tables.
  *  Anyone under the age of 18 shall be closely supervised by an adult over 21.
  *  No running, pushing, rough play, diving or jumping in the pool, or profane language is permitted.
  *  No radios or other noise producing devices are to be used without headphones.
  *  No rafts or similar type devices are permitted in the pool area with the exception of water wings, flotation vests or “noodles” used for safety purposes.
  * The children’s water play area ( Kiddie pool ) is for children 12 or under with adult supervision only.
    This is a partial list of Rules and keep in mind that “No Lifeguard is provided”.
Recent complaints from residents who have asked me to include their concerns in this update include:
Speeding in the neighborhood.. Please be advised that there is a 20 MPH speed limit in our Community and you must watch for and respect pedestrian traffic. We have ordered replacement posts for the signs which are down in the Community, however, in the meantime please be aware that some people may not stop at intersections as they should due to the missing signs.
Pet waste..
       Several complaints have been raised about residents not complying with Association and Health regulations requiring that you remove any solid pet waste deposited by your animals and dispose of properly.
  This is a serious issue and the Association has purchased and placed “reminder” signs in the areas of complaints. Several of the complaints have been about children and teenagers not picking up after their pets. So please, if your children walk your pets remind them of the serious nature of this health hazard before we have to start issuing Violation letters from the Community.
Wild animals..
        Let me preface this by saying that we are in an area very close to the wetlands and National parks and we do have designated “Preserve” areas on the property. These areas contain many types of indigenous wildlife and that is why the preserves are there, to allow habitat for these animals displaced by the human developments.
       We are prohibited from molesting in anyway these wildlife creatures even when they stray into our neighborhoods. If you can, just observe and enjoy the wildlife without attempting to interact with them in any way.
      Occasionally we do remove turtles from roadways or snakes from homes for the safety of the animals. If you feel you have an animal that may be harmful or hazardous to someone please notify myself or the Gate house and we will look into it. There are poisonous snakes and a few dangerous animals in our preserves, but I am not aware of any harm coming to any resident or pet from these animals here at Marbella.
   We have had a couple of reports of alligators in the lakes in recent weeks and I know we have a family of otters that live here as well as raccoons, squirrels, and snapping turtles, but they typically stay away from people as much as possible. I consider these animals to be an asset to the Community and something we should cherish. respect and protect. Safety of our residents is of course a priority, however, if we are aware of our surroundings and do not approach any wild animals we should be able to live together.
  I have been asked to remind residents that you should not feed any wild animals ( including the ducks and squirrels). It is not only illegal, but they are very capable of feeding themselves and feeding them only encourages unnatural behaviors which are dangerous for the animals. These are not pets.. So please resist the urge..
Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read these posts and keep aware of the issues in the Community.. Your Community…
And one last thing ..
     We are wrapping up the contributions to help out our Landscape crew members who were affected by Hurricane Irma..I have to say that I am encouraged by the generosity of the Community regarding these hard working folks in need… If you have not had a chance to contribute and would like to drop off a donation this weekend, the lock box outside of Mindy’s office in the Clubhouse is the place to drop off your contributions.
   We will be dividing the contributions among the workers on Monday. We have 8 full time workers and 5 others that pitched in during the initial cleanup to get us back to where we are today. Some are still living in shelters with their families and working to get their lives back to normal. I am certain they will be thankful for your support.

Thomas Large
Property Manager
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6664 Marbella Lane, Naples, FL 34105
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