Agenda Items from Owners Association Board Meeting not finished – 5/8/2020

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the HOA Board Meeting was adjourned without completing items 11-15.  Items 12-14 are informational so your Board thought that we would place the information on our website.  The Board will not be stopped from continuing the business of managing this community.


  1. Recap on Reopening Amenities

On May 4th, the HOA Board held an emergency meeting to open the Pool, Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts in Phase I of our re-openings.  On Saturday, May 9th we begin allowing Pickleball to be played under Phase I of our re-openings. The temporary rules have been distributed via the Marbella Lakes Web Site and have been posted at the entry gates.  Please remember to social distance and sanitize your own equipment and space.  These facilities are for use at your own risk.

  1. Appoint Traffic Study Committee

Via the Marbella Lakes Website, the Board asked for volunteers from the single-family Homes for the Traffic Solutions Committee. Thank you to the residents who volunteered.  We had more volunteers than could be accepted, so 3 volunteers were selected from different streets in the single-family homes and 3 from the Condos. While the streets are owned by the HOA and the HOA Board will vote on the recommendations, traffic and our residential streets are a community topic.

A zoom meeting was held to introduce all the members, discuss the scope of work, and the timeframe.   The Committee will be looking at Parking, Speeding, Signage and Enforcement.  The Board has requested they complete their recommendation(s) by the August/September timeframe.  This is in time for the 2020 budget review. 

The Committee has chosen Richard Shakour as the Chairperson.  If you have anything you would like to share with Richard about history in the community or current situations, please contact him directly.  He will forward information to the Committee as required. 

  1. Walkway

The Board is looking for volunteers from both single-family homes and condo residents to serve on a committee to research and formulate a proposal for the installation of a walkway by the tennis court.    This committee will be charged with preparing all facets of a plan which will be presented to the Board for their consideration.  Please submit your name, by e-mail, to Kym Bill, Property Manager by Monday, May 18, 2020.  Kym will forward the names to the Board for the final selection of a committee.  Final committee members chosen will be notified and their names will be published on our website. 


Thank you,

Marbella Lakes Owners Assoc. Board of Directors



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